Tarot Cards

The Tarot cards are made up of minor arcana (22 cards) and the major arcana (56 cards total). The major arcana consists of the trump cards. Also, compare with "the life of a man." The major arcana of the card begins with 0, the Fool and ends with the card 21, the world. Filed under: endocrinologist. The life of a human begins at birth, which is entirely free from any blame placed on the world. Assurant Health may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A child tries to playfully explore the world. A fool has similar properties and is therefore at the beginning of the tarot game. More information is housed here: Assurant Health.

Card 21, the world can be compared with the end of a Life. The man has arrived at its destination, life experience has been gained and the maturity was attained. The small arcana can be compared with the famous card game Skat, the card from the ace to the 10th However, the Court Cards Tarot cards 4. The Queen and the King, the princess and the knight. All these 56 cards of the minor arcana, have diverse and specific meanings, but it hardly matters to the combination with other cards, but rather on the placement of each card. On the whole, a very interesting deck, which is on tellers and fortune tellers very popular. Due to the large size of 78 cards, it certainly requires a longer learning period, until all the cards are perfect there. For a beginner in card readings, therefore, less desirable so quick to give up as much learning material and lost interest in the Kartenlegerei quickly.

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