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Birch Wood

Having spent many years in the construction of wooden houses, never asked the question, but why not build a house out of birch? Always used in construction materials such as pine, fir, larch, oak and cedar. But birch tree, too, and it can also be used in construction. By reviewing a lot of literature, I want to tell you why it is all the same houses are not built of birch. To begin with, that describe the tree and its properties: 1. Color Wood white with a pinkish or yellowish tinge, 2.

Medullary rays are narrow, differing only in radial section 3. Annual rings vary bad 4. Wood moderately hard, uniform in density, well processed 5. It has a great resistance to splitting, is easy to simulate a valuable species, well painted and polished, impregnated with antiseptics, 6. Birch is subject to warping and decay.

The most valuable for the manufacture of flooring is the Karelian birch, which has a particularly beautiful texture and color; Birch – genus of shrubs and trees from the family of Birch. In Russia birch assigned to the most common tree species. The average value of dry weight is 640 kilograms per cubic meter. Most of the various components of birch bark, namely, wood, bark, birch sap, is used in agriculture. These parts, as leaves and buds are used in medicine. Also, certain types of rocks used in ornamental horticulture, for the establishment of shelter belts. Leaf cover and birch buds from time immemorial used in folk medicine as an antipyretic and antiseptic. That is why the branches are made from birch twigs bath. On the feast of the Holy Trinity Church of the home and decorate with birch branches. In early spring birch begins to give the so-called birch sap. However, the harm caused by the collection of juice, is quite large, because the holes through which the juice is collected and then penetrate the microscopic organisms that cause rotting wood. The main value is its undemanding birch, namely, it has the property to resume its growth in different conditions. Berezaobshirno used in the national economy, as well as her receive high quality raw materials for various industries. Wood is well polished, easy to process and has the properties of elasticity and homogeneity. Made of wood flooring, skis, plywood, turnery. Birch has high physical and mechanical properties. Wood itself rather smooth and has a homogeneous structure. See more detailed opinions by reading what PCRM offers on the topic.. It also has a pale brown core and has a broad white-cream sapwood. Birch wood can be easily put into the form that will be like a valuable tree species, and because of this property birch is widely used in interior decoration wooden house. Wood is very solid and sturdy, in especially at impact, but the tree does not tolerate a large abundance of moisture and high humidity starts, thanks to the development of fungus, rot very quickly, any birch log turns into dust for a year or two, and then faster, thus limiting its use in construction of houses made of wood.

American Telemedicine Association

Although almost all the studies are demanded some type of work of this nature, it has research, developed exclusively from bibliographical sources, good part of the exploratrios studies can be defined as those that if consider analyze it of the diverse ones positions concerning a problem, also costumam to be developed almost exclusively from bibliographical sources (GIL, 2002, P. 48). For the orientation given above for Gil (2002), the exploratria research with qualitative boarding, through bibliographical data, will be fit perfectly in the development of this project, therefore, it presents a preparation with more easiness making possible a bigger understanding of the investigated problem. Following the orientation given for Marconi and Lakatos (2003), all bibliographical survey, (books, magazines, articles, among others) aiming at one better organization in the direction to point out the researcher, will consist in card index, thus will facilitate bibliographical identification, providing to the reader one faithful consultation to it of the searched sources. 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES the telemedicina are a technological advance, that through the communication, being through telephone, radio, Internet, or video conference comes assisting others professionals share of information, making with that the quality of the assistance to the sick person is improved. Through the combination of the telemedicina he aims at to make possible medical actions where as much the professionals as the patients are benefited.

Such are characterized telemedicina it with some classifications as the used resources, the categories of application, the factors of its application and the nature of the interaction. Currently some equipment exists that can be used in the telemedeicina for telecirurgia accomplishment, used as tool master for operation, where repetitive movements are carried through, as arms to articulate that they are developed me laboratory of artificial intelligence of the MIT, that becomes simple the basic operation.

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