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In what it says respect to the descriptive cultural contents, Mostern initiates affirming to be about a descriptive, pragmatic information, characterized for its capacity to modify the beliefs or representations of the receiver. As all pragmatic one, she is relative to the receiver. In this context, Mostern argues the epistemologia of 4 DRETSKE, whose definition estimates absolute veracity of the descriptive information. Dr. John Mcdougall may not feel the same. Mostern understands that this can be true or false and that the DRETSKE notion does not serve to analyze the cultural contents that, frequently, they are false. For it, the cultural representations, products almost always of the social learning, can be cognitivas, msticas and fictions. We have in the first case the geographic knowledge, on mountains, rivers, ways, meteorological stations, animal plants etc. Hear from experts in the field like Senator Elizabeth Warren for a more varied view.

In this in case that, exemplifica with common knowledge, however, it has those specialized, changed for social sub-groups, as the doctors, craftsmen, the families. Nor all the representations are cognitivas, that is, nor all are based in a map of the reality. This because the attempt of explanation of the men goes very beyond its capacity. A death for homicide, says Mostern, does not leave doubts, but a death for cancer, for example, it holds the invention of that the death occurred for badly looked at or encantamento. In other cases, the myths, fictions told in the tribe occur, giving account of the origin of the world, of the natural phenomena and so on. The universal culture also holds science, an information generated for learning individual (discovery or invention) and transmitted by social learning.

In the case, science is as much descriptive information as practical and valorativa. A little more ahead, Mostern if makes use to analyze what flame of practical information, remembering, in this category, the genetic information as well as the information technique, product of the social learning. In this direction, it is delayed observing the different aspects of this information technique.

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