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Chinese Wall

So I had experience that my friend has erected a wall between us, China, cut off from me and eventually turned out that I am physically with her, but in fact it is in itself, and I'm alone! And of course I started thinking how to melt ice, and not that I had previously thought of, God himself wise me with signs. I met a woman with whom she just talked and I started to say that I did not accept in the beginning, I resisted, thinking why would I need it take, and who she was I at all, but then I realized that this is something vnutrennee.Ona told me that a man and woman in me is not fused. And at some point, I suddenly realized that I began to represent himself in as if my friend I accepts fully and as though I have in me is my friend. So my girlfriend took me and took me to the light, lots of light, and then came to love, love that is manifested easily, without effort, that is, the feeling was easily awakened. open your heart. And before that was a wall, we could not talk, I always felt that I did not take. When someone does not agree, accumulates energy – traffic jam, and you're only doing that and of effort to increased congestion, you are now serving their jams. In general, one who wants to gain power and might eventually become a slave of the strength and power, so says my teacher Chaim Shlomo. Patrick smith recognizes the significance of this. Let's destroy all our Chinese wall!.

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