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State Minors

The Wheel if constitua in a hollow cylinder wooden that turned around the proper axle, having an opening in one of the faces, suspended in a window where the babies were placed; its physical structure privileged the anonymity, therefore for the standards of the time, the mothers could not assume the condition of &#039 public; ' mothers solteiras' '. Thus, in Brazil Colony, the attendance to the children and adolescents were given for the Church, however, only to those children with family, because the slaves did not have this guarantee, the access also he was denied to that they presented contagious diseases and to the no-vacinados ones. The children, did not have access to the system of health restricting them the access to the school, propitiating a double exclusion to the social rights. Catequese was included imposed it by the Jesuits and, the children born in the illegitimacy and the poverty were ' ' directed and supposedly atendidas' ' for the Brotherhood of the Mercy. In the Republic, some concepts had been being moved, the empobrecidos minors were faced as serious social problem, from there appeared some ' ' programs of attendance to the children and adolescentes' ' under responsibility of the Church Catholic, however, characterized in shelter form and, exclusively in the preparation for the work.

During the decade of 1920, she had pressure of the unions through denounces to the exploration of the work of the woman and the minor; thus, the Minor in irregular situation if became the concern of the legal area, passing the State to give direct assistance. In the year of 1923 1 was implanted Juvenile court in the city of Rio De Janeiro, occurring dichotomy between Pole of Family and Pole of Minors. In 1927 Code appeared 1 of Minors, called Melo Code Mattos, which aimed at the jurisdictional control of the population of income low e, consequently of its children; affirmation of the power of the Judge and the Hygienists.

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