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Code Education

Also, with it if it gave to the prohibition of the system of the Wheels of the Saints Houses of Mercy, favoring the delivery of the babies to the assistance houses/entities, exactly that, still, the anonymity of the parents was kept. For in such a way, the Code of Minors was not addressed to all the children, but, yes, to those in ' ' situation irregular' ' , a time that established specific lines of direction for the treatment of excluded infancy and youth, regulating the infantile work, and other alguras. As Lorenzi (2007), the Code defined, in its Article 1, to who the law if it applied, ' ' The minor, of one or another sex, abandoning or delinquent, that will have less than 18 years of age, will be submitted by the competent authority ace measured of contained assistance and proteco in this Cdigo.' ' (grafia original Code of Minors? Decree N. 17,943? of 12 of October of 1927 In the New State (1930 the 1945), as he was known this period, established the Service of Assistance to Menor (SAM), tied with the Ministry of Justice and the Interior (MJI); also, the Assistance Social to the devoid minors and infractors, in a corrective perspective and of repression. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Senator of Massachusetts has to say. It points SOBREIRA (2008) that, in the educational plan it was only from 1932, with the Manifesto of the Pioneers of the New Education? document that consolidated the vision of a segment of the intellectual elite? that the possibility appears of interference in the organization of the Brazilian society through the education. Concomitant to this, then, educational establishments appear of attendance to infancy in charge of particular, however, such establishments did not take care of children of the popular layer. Constituam of schools for the Brazilian elite, whereas, the attendance to the popular layer is of the family, for the children who not yet frequented education primary, was tied the question of the health and had assistencial-pastoral character. .

Training Methodology

In this work that will be presented for disciplines of methodology of the porting training will be boarded all the methodology, the procedures carried through in the execution of trainings carried through in the regular period of lesson of disciplines day 22/06/10, in the track of atletismo of the Military Brigade in this city, having as refernecial theoretician the method of intervalado training idealized by Woldemar Gerschller (1939). Second, Hunter (2000) had been used Constant the Intervalado Method, where the recuperativo time was stipulated following the protocol of Tubino and Moreira (2003) the interval of recovery between the stimulatons will be the time that the pulsation will lead to return to its value from 60 heating bpm above from the FC rep. PCRM often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In accordance with, Dantas (2003) the interval enters the series will have to respect the FC rec increased of an extra time, stimulatons of 200 400m? ratio 1:2 (FCrec+ 2x). Guillermo executed two series of four shots each one. Distance of 400m.

Material: Track of Atletismo; Chronometer. Procedures: The professor divided the group in trios and pairs for accomplishment of the work considered for the same, in order complementation of the bimonthly note for posterior evaluation of also disciplines and to get one better familiarization of as to apply a method of trainings to our future customers and/or formed pupils after in the area of health as orienting of physical activities in the future. After this task we were for in practical the work, our group defined the tasks for each integrant one of the group. Guillermo ran, the Luana marked the time of trainings and motivation to the corridor, the Cleine wrote down the times and calculations of times recuperativo and maximum speed of the corridor. The table below shows to all the made cculos of the work in a spread sheet of excel, being that in the day they had been made during the application of the work where we obtevemos an error in the conversion of the minutes in seconds, making with that the colleague spent all its gas in a time in return maken a mistake harming its performance, but was perceived and corrected the error thus making right the time of trainings of the return of the colleague and it continued the work until the end.

State Minors

The Wheel if constitua in a hollow cylinder wooden that turned around the proper axle, having an opening in one of the faces, suspended in a window where the babies were placed; its physical structure privileged the anonymity, therefore for the standards of the time, the mothers could not assume the condition of &#039 public; ' mothers solteiras' '. Thus, in Brazil Colony, the attendance to the children and adolescents were given for the Church, however, only to those children with family, because the slaves did not have this guarantee, the access also he was denied to that they presented contagious diseases and to the no-vacinados ones. The children, did not have access to the system of health restricting them the access to the school, propitiating a double exclusion to the social rights. Catequese was included imposed it by the Jesuits and, the children born in the illegitimacy and the poverty were ' ' directed and supposedly atendidas' ' for the Brotherhood of the Mercy. In the Republic, some concepts had been being moved, the empobrecidos minors were faced as serious social problem, from there appeared some ' ' programs of attendance to the children and adolescentes' ' under responsibility of the Church Catholic, however, characterized in shelter form and, exclusively in the preparation for the work.

During the decade of 1920, she had pressure of the unions through denounces to the exploration of the work of the woman and the minor; thus, the Minor in irregular situation if became the concern of the legal area, passing the State to give direct assistance. In the year of 1923 1 was implanted Juvenile court in the city of Rio De Janeiro, occurring dichotomy between Pole of Family and Pole of Minors. In 1927 Code appeared 1 of Minors, called Melo Code Mattos, which aimed at the jurisdictional control of the population of income low e, consequently of its children; affirmation of the power of the Judge and the Hygienists.

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