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Surely everyone in one form or another have tried the usual chicken. This is not surprising: chicken meat is not only delicious but also dietary. This means that it can eat almost everything, from small to large, without harm to health. Usually, Each family is divided into the chicken once and for all among its members: someone who likes very delicate legs, some prefer white breast meat, but someone like livers, hearts, and then the ventricles – the so-called co-products. Learn more at: Assurant Health. Thus, our beloved home "game" can satisfy almost any taste! But chicken menu, you can do so diverse that a chicken successfully replace all other meat products, ensuring all new delicacies as casual and festive table. To do this we need only show a little imagination and ingenuity, but in their absence simply search a recipe chicken dishes. In addition, now there is opportunity to taste not only have our usual broilers, but also other representatives of chicken. This does not necessarily take a gun and go hunting for black cocks, or hazel-grouses! In our time, "game" can be freely available in the shop at a reasonable price. Because now on poultry farms are cultivated and turkeys, and quails, and pheasants. The meat of these birds resembles a regular chicken, and at the same time has a lot of their own nuances! And indeed the Broiler chicken, cooked in new ways, may well surprise us with an exotic flavor.

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