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Google seems to want to close the year with a good cycle of acquisitions, among which stands out at this time his interest in closing the purchase by DocVerse, service that allows users to collaborate on Microsoft Office documents in real time. Same could be purchased for the price of 25 million of dollars. The acquisition of DocVerse Google supondria a strong blow to the structure that keeps Microsoft and its Office, allowing you to Google suite delving into the realm of Microsoft offering a direct software connection with Microsoft Office, so it would also some control in the collaborative operation and in the cloud with the Microsoft suite, in addition to possibly improve the Google Docs service. DocVerse, founded by two former employees of Microsoft, Shan Sinha and Alex DeNeui, earned $ 1.3 million in 2008 on the part of investors Baseline Ventures, Harrison Metal Capital and Naval Ravikant. Although the agreement has not been finalized yet, negotiations are favorable for Google and in advanced stages. Google has already made various previously purchases, which have helped keep well and gaining ground in various areas, a clear example is the acquisition of already known free Youtube videos playback system and also the purchase of the technology used by reCaptcha. We will continue to see new acquisitions and hope that they suggest some positive change.

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