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Fetus Life

The Zygote is not easy to become such, must fight a dozen complex biochemical processes, as well as another dozen must overcome base instincts of their parents, cope against a powerful industry of Death (emmenagogue, abortifacient, mifepristone, high-dose LNG, demagogues etc.) and “Per se Notum Secunda” (self-evident) be Zygote is equal to being a hero, then his dizzying cell reproduction will not waive the same risks and dangers described, low instincts, Physio-biochemical processes and Professionals of Death (including those that support the culture of death without benefit, that Sofocleto are called “the bastards themselves”), in this long journey that lasts 286 days making the Zygote different names, without registering them in the RENIEC-called embryo then fetus, but are alive, your heart opens and closes his eyes, opens and closes his hands, moves, dives, swims, distinguishes the music sounds, screams , horns, is glad, scared, is angry, hungry, thirsty and despite blindness of the Fetus Intrauterine Life SUEa’AN … ySuenan? … ACl ring!, the great dream of a zygote, embryo or fetus is that it brings to birth, dreams of his birth, his birth, dreams of the delivery room out of the Matrix, wink their eyes dreams of Dr. Palacios, waving his arms as if to hug him, play with her midwife dreams slipping in your hands, dreams disrespectfully urinate on the scale of the pediatrician, … (Source: Assurant Health). Alos Nacer Unborn dream!, And who you think you abortionist to Blossom Life cut short a Fetus?, And who do you think you live a nightmare for the Fetus and wake him from his sweet dream legitimate? …

In every Abortion remember the murder of an innocent Jesus, remember the pain of the Innocents, the pain of Jesus, Mary, Saints, remember the murder of innocent children by order of Herod, who might have pain and No Moral for what you do? … year you’ll have!, this type of pain are not part of the animals, madmen, insane and feeble-minded, AThe Moral Pain is only Human! … The Fetal Human beings are small with no more dreams to be born! The Fetal want to live even one day, to say the least, want to enjoy their birth, to feel new to the world, play the game of Life, in the battle Life, which is for them a great joy, an honor for these fighters, for these young heroes, even considered undeserved honor, therefore, that never think to complain, through many difficulties in life were, or upset about … many offenses that received abortionist, Take off this uniform and put on the mop Medical striped HEROD left you a December 28th many centuries ago.

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