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General Elections

The formation went to the autonomic and municipal elections of May next to the GNP and independent of NBai. 61.4% of the militancy voted to favor, whereas a 35% against. His spokesman, Patxi Zabaleta, have assured that its party does not only negotiate with Bildu, but with the three mentioned parties. Aralar, that in May concurred to independent the municipal and autonomic elections next to GNP and in NBai, has accepted east Saturday, by a 61.4% of the votes the supply of EA, Alternative and the left abertzale to create a joint candidacy to General Cortes in the next elections. According to Aralar in a note has informed, have entered a 61.4% of the votes to favor, a 35% against, 3% of abstentions and a 0.44% from votes in target, after a long debate and that has been " plural and enriquecedor". The same sources transfer the valuation " very positive " realised by the general coordinator of Aralar, Patxi Zabaleta, after knowing the result. Hours before, the own Zabaleta has explained the journalists who in the assembly have struggled and voted draft agreement reached about the negotiating commission of Aralar with those of the parties EA, Alternative and " the other sensibilidad" of the left abertzale, that is the formation that integrates Bildu.

Nevertheless, Zabaleta has been very insistent when warning that Aralar " it is not negotiating with Bildu" , but with the three mentioned parties, that carry out this initiative of individual form. On the matter, after knowing the voting, the left abertzale, EA, Alternatiba and Aralar have made a joint official notice public in which they reveal that during this week they have worked in the possibility of concurring together to the elections, and that the four parts have stated " sintona" existing in " questions importantes" facing the electoral appointment. This " nuevo&quot abre the possibility of reaching fundamental consensuses after the creation of an electoral subject; for the next elections, since the four signers must like objective present/display a supply " able to dnder the interests of Euskal Herria like nation in the main institutions of the Estado". This draft agreement approved by Aralar, that it will be in addition the main subject to debate in the Congress that this formation will celebrate the 17 of September, was treated east Friday by its Executive, approved who it by " very qualified majority " , of 11 votes to favor, three against and " some abstencin" , according to Zabaleta. " The draft agreement does not contain even more than the ideas and the principles generales" , but it aims at " very important things, all of them very positivas" , it has assured the leader Aralar, that he has eluded to specify them " at this moment ". Nevertheless, it has advanced that in the document is alluded to the program that dndera for the elections and to the form of participation, and which talks about in addition to Navarre and " Navarrese right to exercice civil rights of decidir" politically its future. " The draft agreement also talks about to the subject of the pacification and normalization, and to all the subjects that worry to us in social, environmental policies, of left, and to the policies of support of the structures of the state of bienestar" , it has summarized Zabaleta. Source of the news: Aralar approves to concur to the general elections next to Bildu, EA and Alternative

Austral European Observatory

A celestial object, with a black hole in its center of mass equivalent to 2,000 million times the one of the Sun, has been shortage in the primitive cosmos. One is qusar very shining and supposes a record of distance in the deep cosmos since this to 12,900 million years light, reason why belongs to the universe when 770 million years had only passed about from Big Bang (a 6% of its present age). Concerning a record it is necessary to indicate that previous of his class shortage it is of 870 million years after the great initial burst; and some more primitive objects are known something – more distant still, like a tenuous galaxy and an outbreak of gamma rays, but they are not far from it as shining as just detected, hundreds of times the most shining one than they, according to explains the Austral European Observatory (THAT), with whose telescopes VLT, in Chile, it has studied. Source of the news: : The shining object more distant shortage in the universe.

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