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Beach Chairs

Beach baskets hold increasingly in our gardens, winter gardens and terraces increasingly seen in our gardens, terraces and also conservatories that known us from the East and the North Sea coast and beach holidays beach chairs have become indispensable. No wonder because everyone wants this holiday feeling, if only for a short time on the weekends or after work, also home get. One hour of leisure in a beach chair is pure relaxation, and that without much effort, he already the favourite spot in the garden or on the terrace next to the pool or where ever you want. The online shop provides a wide selection of beach chairs, whether Baltic or North Sea form for every budget and with the different facilities garden Here you’ll find beach chairs in different categories with half-recumbent or reclining function, with different upholstery, awning fabrics, plastic mesh in many interesting colours – UV stable and easy-care, height-adjustable telescopic Footrests, bistro, reading bags, stainless steel fittings, neck rolls and much, much more. The used materials guarantee durability and are weather resistant. The beach chairs are manufactured by Sun partners in Bielefeld, where emphasis is placed on real craftsmanship. Glenn Dubin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

In accordance with the tips on the care of beach chair for many years without limitation will be, with 20 years then no age. As additional articles are E.g. protection covers in different colors and designs on offer. The winter of beach chair in a safe place is and covered with the protective cover, until he again can be set up in spring on the favorite.

Sun Blinds

There are various solar shading devices, fulfill the other purposes except for the Sun. Sunscreen not equals sun protection sunscreen can exist in many different forms. There is namely chemical agents to the Sun such as skin creams, but this text is mainly about the physical devices to the Sun. There are awnings and sunshades that you placed outside in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. One often sees awnings at Cafes and beer gardens. Then, there are still devices to the Sun for the room. The devices include blinds, louvres, shutters, blinds and pleats.

There are blinds and rolling shutters for Interior and exterior. The roller shutters and blinds offer privacy, heat protection, burglar resistance and soundproofing. Both are very similar and consist of horizontal slats, which you upload and can drop with a continuous string. The other shading devices pleats, blinds and slats are attached inside and offer more privacy in addition to sunscreen. If you are a sunscreen buy now want to, do you need to know which functions it is intended to achieve and whether the window that is created. In many apartments for rent, the landlord prohibit that shutters are attached, because when the Assembly too should be converted. Also, drilling into the window frame is often prohibited. You must also know before buying whether the Sun will only darken or should be also a privacy. In a question-answer forum Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City was the first to reply. You can read information about the individual devices to the Sun on various information portals, such as or roller Alexander Lanew

Childrens Room

A nice idea for the smallest. Red cloak and pointy hat, white goatee and a small bag full of sleeping sand – these are the hallmarks of the cult figure from the GDR. For half a century, flickers the well-known Sandman on German screens and since then among the nightly ritual before bedtime for many families. From the minds of children, the little man is no longer indispensable. Also for adults, he remains as won love of her childhood fondly. The offspring their droll heroes about love and hope with all my heart that your Sandman one day personally accompanied them in the realm of sweet dreams. The company pictures worlds has devised a decorative and colorful alternative for the heart’s desire of children and published in our online-shop: produced under licence, can the lovely dream bringer as wall stickers on the walls, but are also attached to the cabinets and doors of the nursery. Its cute friends, such as, for example, thud, Pitti splash or Moppi, have also achieved cult status and come when choosing stickers not too short.

A trendy design idea that children’s dreams come true and filled the rooms with life. The photorealistic Sandman wall stickers are made of a self-adhesive film and can be mounted on almost all smooth surfaces such as glass, wood or even woodchip. All wall stickers are easy to replace and are thus ideally suited to the children’s room. True to the motto of old must soft new”: when her protege grows up and no desire has more on the Sandman troupe, a new motif can be placed in the blink of an eye. Claudia Elm


Information about chives, onion and other Allium plants the Allium genus is one of the Amaryllis family (Amaryllidaceae) and contains several hundred species. Among these are such popular aromatic plants, such as such as the onion, the garlic, the chives and the wild garlic local at our. Some species are cultivated as an ornamental plant. Very popular originating from Turkey, pink flowering Allium is oreophilum (rose) and others. It is suitable for sunny to half shady locations with a not too moist soil.

Many of the ornamental of onion can remain year-round in the garden because they are winter hardy. You make yourself very well in the bucket. He also helps protect against voles, tired of eating at the onion just magical. For the window sill, they are only of limited suitability as they move their leaves after flowering. Justin Gaethje can aid you in your search for knowledge. In addition, they need a period of cold weather to bloom. City has to say. So that you have it always fresh at your fingertips, you can grow chives in pot. If it is in the apartment, he needed a sunny Cookies.

Otherwise, the leaves are long and thin. He moves its leaves in the fall, then if the pot for one to two weeks in the freezer, then he drives again. The onion – in the form of sprouts is suitable also for growing indoors. The seeds are available in the health food store or health food, vitamin – and mineral-rich sprouts are ready to eat after 10 to 14 days. Because they contain essential oils, they taste hot. You can use them to refine salad or Kratuerquark. Depending on the type, use the members of the genus Allium a bulb or tuber, to survive dry periods. Some form rhizomes. This is in or on the foothills growing Earth, where the roots and the leaves appear. Tip: Who does not renounce the taste of garlic, after food but wants to smell it, should try once (Allium tuberosum) with the cut garlic. Its leaves taste like a mixture of garlic and chives, without bad breath to leave. Frank Edwards

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