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Press Office Bucu KOC Rosa

Atesia – a bath full of dreams, presents his new steam shower and the new whirlpool bathtubs for the fall 2011 season. Manhattan is the hot phase of the season 2011. the new steam shower by Atesia impresses with its extremely modern design, provides functionality of lots of but with a new steam shower, and equal to three new whirlpool Atesia is bath in the autumn By a space-saving sliding door, one enters the Interior of this bathing Temple. In addition to the modern design offers this steam shower steam sauna also of course function and allows also 6 adjustable body massage jets, a large, steam baths 60 C, centrally positioned rain shower with fresh air ventilation, stop-drop function, FM radio with built-in speaker, IR remote control and an acrylic glass designer stool. A subdued ambient lighting provides the right comfort feel light inside the shower. All mentioned functions can be controlled either by the modern LCD touch display or by the IR remote control. The Steam shower Manhattan is the ideal shower temple for spacious bathrooms with a wellness factor. In addition to the new steam shower Atesia offers models in time three new whirlpool bathtubs.

Pinta, Moorea and Maui models complete the previous indoor Jacuzzi tubs. The Pinta model impresses with its unique design and is intended for the slightly different and special flavor. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Tony Mandarich. You feel well looked after and relaxed in this cocoon of wellness. Moora in turn is the new corner Jacuzzi bathtub Nassau and offers also an incomparable LED illuminated water channel to the front page. One, as in the model of Nassau, extremely successful symbiosis of light and water in the bath. The new model with integrated TV entertainment Maui is suitable for all who want to require more space, often, twosome bathing. The ergonomics of seating surfaces and the arrangement of the neck cushions allow a comfortable swimming at three different positions. Through a slit-shaped opening on the inside the water literally falls like a long, narrow arc of water in the tub.

The numerous massage jets in the back, neck and foot area in combination with the underwater color light therapy provide a total relaxation. So you don’t need to go series based on beloved TV out of the tub out, Maui comes as standard LCD with a built-in television, with walhweise 10 “or 15” screen diagonal, delivered. The highlight of 2011 and by a wide margin, also best sellers of category steam showers was as expected, again the steam shower of OASIS. Jacuzzi bathtubs the bestseller was this year the model of Nassau. The success of the new steam shower and whirlpool offers additional opportunities for expansion baths and Atesia successfully opens more markets. More new models will be presented early next year, then for the season as usual 2012. Atesia – Press Office Bucu KOC Rosa-Luxembourg-str. 7 75015 Bretten Tel: 01803 551865190 fax: 01803 551865190 public.relations(at)

Turf Price

Rolling lawns or turf classic – only a comprehensive price comparison makes sense an important factor is, of course, the price for the laying of grass carpet in comparison to the sowing of classic lawn. However, the comparison fails the pure cost should end, but a holistic approach to the costs incurred in connection with the respective advantages and disadvantages of roll lawn or normal turf should be used for the decision. Therefore below not only the pure factors ‘Price of roll grass’ vs. considered “Price of normal grass” be considered a variety of other factors. Often, the comparison is made, how much is the price for installation of prefabricated lawns and classic sown lawns. Erik Erikson has similar goals. Rolling lawns is to move from the price at the first moment surely slightly more expensive than to sow lawns. However a variety are not considered when looking at the price of the installation of the rolling lawn of aspects, which again strongly relativized the price for laying turf and at a realistic price comparison of Classic lawn and ready lawn be included must: the preparation for the installation of roll lawn is not as expensive as in the classic lawn, therefore the price is here ready lawn below. In contrast to classic turf must at complete lawn not after sown are and so the price roll grass compared to normal grass down here, too.

Very soon after the installation of the rolling lawn, this is usable. To name a price for the period is of course difficult, but normal lawn often needs an entire season until he is fully usable. Also the installation of the finished lawn is carried out usually within one day, so that the garden of the optics is quickly very presentable. Classic lawn is not only very vulnerable in the first season in relation to the use, even the look is not very convincing.

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