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Mulberry (mulberry) tree up to 20 m and 1 m in diameter, with spherical crown. Fruit – a false drupe white, pink or black, sickly-sweet taste. The fruits are oval, 10-15 mm long, weighing 2 grams mulberry grows wild in large parts of the Caucasus. In mulberry contains about 20% dry matter, including 6,7-11,7% sugar. In the ripe fruit is equal to the amount of pectin and protopektinapo 0.55%. The acidity of ripe fruit does not exceed 0.4% as an opportunity to clean the pillows on the equipment for cleaning cushions and poluzrelyh it is 8 times higher. The ascorbic acid 8-29 mg%. The amount of polyphenol compounds up to 2.5%.

Mulberry fruit is used in the fresh, cook them in syrup, bekmes (artificial honey), candy, jam, syrup. Dry residues after squeezing the juice is used as a substitute for coffee. Chopped dried fruit is added to flour for baking cakes. Leaves Mulberry – good food for caterpillars of the silkworm. The fruit ripens in July – August. Persimmons. Need cleaning pads. An evergreen tree up to 20 meters and a diameter of 50 cm Fruit – mnogognezdovaya berry spherical, oval or more flattened shape.

In the mature form of persimmon acquires a bluish-black. Fruits contain up to 16% sugars (glucose and fructose), 0.4-0.5% acid, pectin, pigments and other substances. Immature fruits have strongly persimmon pronounced tart and astringent taste, as their juice contains large amounts of tannins. Persimmon in our country grows wild in the Caucasus (Lankaran, the Caucasus, Dagestan) and in Central Asia during the restoration. Thus, in Lankaran persimmons forest occupies 10 ha. The fruits used in food industry and medicine. In folk medicine, persimmon juice has long been used in the treatment of gum disease. The bark and leaves of the Caucasian persimmon, containing, respectively, 3.5 and 4.3% tannin, used in paint and leather industries.

Stone Bramble

Stone bramble. A perennial herbaceous plant grows to 30 cm in the central regions of European Russia, Western and Eastern Siberia, Northern Caucasus and Transcaucasia. Fruit – berry consists of several large smooth red fruitlets. The berries are juicy, reminiscent of the taste of grenades. Stone berry contains up to 2.1% of sugars (mostly glucose), 2.6% acid, 1.5 and 0.4% pectin and tannins, 22.0 mg% of vitamin C and 9.1 mg% carotene.

It is full of phosphorus, potassium, sodium and calcium. Iron content (5.1 mg%), stone bramble ranks first among wild berries. Pick berries must be very carefully into a small rigid containers, as well an opportunity to clean the pads on Equipment for cleaning pads. Use them in the food industry for the production of juices, kvass, syrups and other stone bramble has healing properties and is used in folk medicine for gastric diseases, asthma, scurvy. Strawberries. Perennial herb, which is a small shrub (height 20-30 cm). The fruits of strawberries – the false berries with sunken achenes (nutlets) are real fruits (seeds).

Grows in clearings, forest edges and fields, meadows and slopes of almost the whole of Russia. Wild strawberries contains more organic acids and tannins than the garden. On the content of iron and calcium occupies the first place among these berries as blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, plums, currants. Need cleaning pads. 1 kg of strawberries contains up to 0.59 g of iron oxide, while the cherry – 0.20 g in apples – 0.14; in wood strawberries contain from 3.7 to 5.8% sugars. (Glucose, fructose, sucrose), 0.7-1.4% pectin, 20-25 mg of vitamin C. Strawberries% – very sweet and flavorful of wild berries. In folk medicine, strawberries used in the treatment of gout, kidney and liver-stone and other diseases, anemia. In fresh – this is a dietary product. The strawberries are also a valuable raw material for making preserves, jams, syrups, juice, jelly, marmalade, etc. With putting into operation modern industrial refrigeration is becoming a real supply of strawberries out of season its maturation. Berries are best stored in dried form. Dried in the sun, preferably in a dryer at restoration. Harvest only mature fruit of strawberries without peduncles and calyces. The finished materials must be bright red color, without impurities. It is acceptable content,% moisture content – not more than 13 crushed berries – 5, and organic mineral admixtures – 1. Dried fruits are packed in bags weighing 50 kg.

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