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Tatiana Sertun

Highlight a convenient corner. Or buy indoor toilet dome. If your cat prefers instead tray sink or bath, as is the case with the toffee. So here are two ways. Either accept it, although nothing wrong with that. And many owners and doing fine coexisting with their pets.

Or, to put the tray into the toilet, if separated bathroom or somewhere else. Most likely, a prohibition mistress to write to the bathroom when standing next to the tray may cause a cat's protests. After the tray and bath in the cat's mind is fully associated with the toilet. Therefore, if you are against such a development, the entrance to the bathroom for pitomitsy put under a total ban. And we continue to unravel the tangle of a reason for ignoring the tray. Factor the following. The cat marks its territory. Observe what is happening outside your apartment? Whether running around in the stairwell of a domestic cat? Maybe the neighbors on the floor there is a male or female? And the refusal of your pet from the tray must be regarded as nothing more than a label of his legal space.

What has labeled even representative of the beautiful half of the cat. (How to deal with this action – read the article by Tatiana Sertun "Cat marks territory? ") medical factors. The cat was ill. One external examination the vet a little. Puddles in the wrong places – it is likely a sign of the beginning of the ibc (urolithiasis) and cystitis. It is therefore not a health risk and cats Hurry to give blood and urine analysis (biochemistry, acidity, density). If urine pronounced ammonia smell, then your pet is likely to have kidney problems. If the acetone – that elevated blood sugar levels. Can still be pain when emptying the bladder, and the cat associates the unpleasant feeling with the tray and try not to go into it In any case, after passing tests to supply the correct diagnosis of a veterinarian. Behavioral factors. Cat feels lonely. Only in a fairy tale from Kipling's cat walks by itself. In fact, she daily needs our attention, affection and care. James A. Levine, M.D. has firm opinions on the matter. Feeding and cleaning only minor semantic components of word care. Remember saying: "The tender word and the cat pleased." A Thai cat sweet words pleasing triple, they, like the Siamese is very talkative and really suffer from indifference to the person. If your favorite all day all alone, adopt a rule to the next. The first thing came from the work, or even "priplevshis without strength," Take your hands meet you warm woolen ball, talk (yes, cats do not understand the meaning of words, but feel intonation) if there is power, then play the mouse ball. Five to ten minutes of contact, and the problem may be "ignoring the tray" will be resolved in a matter of days. "

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