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Nantes Cedex

Usually considered the minimum 4269 euros per year. These documents can serve as a statement of the Bank that you have a bank account in Russia or abroad. This document can be replaced by document on financial guarantees for you from a third party who can act as a Russian citizen and a citizen of France. Learn more about what kind of document will be adopted and in what form, will be available at the Consulate of France. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. John Mcdougall is the place to go. In addition to these papers you need a document proving that you have a home.

This may be a lease or contract certificat d'hebergement for housing an individual. Students who only go for an interview, or have not yet received a visa and just go to France, to provide such documents, of course, it will be difficult. But today you can take advantage of Internet services by signing an agreement rent through the network, and paying a deposit for accommodation and pre-payment, get your hands on the lease. Incidentally, in this case, we would advise you to have such a document at the hands of the original, or, in extreme cases, fax a copy. Documents on have you received education from the estimates and the French translation certified by a notary. Those documents you will also need a university in which you drive, so it is better to transfer them to put copies of documents Apostille and only after this transfer. You must also provide a document for admission to school in France.

Please note that admission to the first cycle should be mandatory to undergo the procedure record through the consulate in Russia. Otherwise, you may be refused. If you are going to study at a private institution, will need to provide proof of payment for tuition. Do not forget the health insurance. The insurance shall be issued for at least a month. Otherwise, its good to have for the entire duration of the visa (residence in France). It is not necessary to save on health insurance, because in fact go to the doctor have not rare, and medical services in the country are not cheap. Oh and lastly, if you have not yet reached adulthood, you will need parental permission to leave. 2 photos. All documents must be submitted in triplicate – one original and two copies. Of course, we have voiced only a sample list of documents that you need at the consulate. It must be borne in mind that even a complete package of documents is not a guarantee that a visa you already have "in your pocket." Frequent are also cases of failures, the reasons for which can be varied. On suspicion you want to illegally immigrate to doubt your sincerity to get an education in France. Get the answer is "Why you are refused a visa?" can be in Nantes, send a request in French at: BP 83 616, 44 036 Nantes Cedex 1.

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