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Conducting Medical Simulcasts

TV studios Leonberg/Germany GmbH In the context of the 128th German surgeon Congress in early may in Munich took over the TV studios Leonberg/Germany GmbH the technical implementation and realization of live broadcast an endoscopic colorectal surgery. For the first time, a three-dimensional HDTV signal from inside of a human via satellite and live on video big screen was transferred in. An insight into the human body was this enables the 200 participating surgeons from all over the world, which sets new standards for medical presentation and training purposes. “”The technical execution of medical live broadcasts in the context of congresses, symposia and training courses which since 1980 to our portfolio of services.”explains Margit Winter, Managing Director of TV studios Leonberg GmbH. a novelty was that it projected three-dimensional images that were recorded with an endoscopic camera inside the human body, via satellite technology in real time on screens 6 meters wide, however.” Close cooperation between the For the 3D-Videotechnologie, considered the progress of the surgery, to work, numerous technical challenges must be dealt with technology partners. This required a tight and well coordinated interplay between the partners involved, in addition to the TV studios of Leonberg, Germany by Karl Storz GmbH & co. KG, developer company of the 3D-Endoskopie-Kamera, as well as the MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH, which was responsible for the satellite.

“The biggest technical challenge was to convert the highest quality 3D-HDTV-Signal in a broadcast quality in Europe and transmittable via satellite 3D-HDTV-Signal”, Hans-Joachim Winter, technical director of the TV studios of Leonberg, the task groups. Two HDTV large-screen projectors and a six-metre wide screen for the eventual transfer of the 3D-Signals on a 6 metre wide screen at the Congress Center in Munich responsible were two HDTV large-screen projectors. Each 12,000 ANSI lumens, they provided its brightness for a luminous flux, is designed for large conference centres, auditoriums and concert stages. “This fantastic live pictures”, according to Hans-Joachim Winter, “were at the renowned physicians in the Auditorium visible enthusiasm.” That thus were set new standards for the implementation of medical simulcasts, doubt for him. Finally the next 3D-Medizinubertragungs-Projekt stands for him already at the International Congress of surgeon from eating to Turin at the 17.6.2011 on the agenda. The demand for the new technology will continue to grow in the next few years a variety of ways not only on behalf of medicine. A cross-border cooperation in the field of medicine is long reality.

3D-HD-Videokonferenzen can support here in the future and open up new possibilities both in the Diagnostics in the area of training. Because to regardless of location and without the patients directly in front of eyes, sure to be able to diagnose, doctors do not need a clear three-dimensional insight into the body’s interior. The real time transfer of huge amounts of data 3D and HD-quality is interesting but also for other industries. Globalization increasingly requires cooperation on removal, which can be facilitated through the sharing of 3D videos. “The product and packaging design as well a variety of ways such as for industrial or architectural purposes. arise”, Margit Winter believes so.

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