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Propose a topic for discussion: the emotions and feelings. Answer the following questions: Why do you emotions and feelings? What is the value they have in your life? In nature, nothing is accidental. Emotions help us to understand what is happening with our soul. Our feelings – a source of information about us and our environment. Ability to recognize and diagnose their feelings and emotions – a pledge of their understanding of behaviors and behavior of others. Awareness and differentiation of emotions closer to understanding their feelings.

And understanding their feelings helps to approach the understanding of what happens to the other. What makes the emotion of the senses? Emotion – this is a subjective reflection of the situation surrounding the reality: joy, sadness, fear, pleasure and other senses (not to be confused with feeling) – a set of defined set of emotions: loneliness, boredom, excitement, discomfort, jealousy, etc. People tend to easily distinguish between these or other emotions, "read the message of the soul." Difficult to understand the meaning of the message: what it is sent, and what happened to him to do next? Even more complicated with feelings. Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out what feelings we torment, feeling discomfort and inconvenience, while in the process. Need Help with a specialist psychologist or a great personal experience of detail to be able to separate feelings and experiences, to look at them as if from a distance, to decipher All letters, draw conclusions, do some work, process, translate and understand what is happening.

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