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Pantry Of The World

Let us agree that humildade never was characteristic of Romrio de Souza Would make, the Baixinho celebrity, who was basic part of the Brazilian Election that conquered the world-wide tetracampeonato of soccer, in 1994, in the United States. Certain time, same Romrio spoke that it pointed it to the Creator and said ‘ ‘ this is cara’ there; ‘. of pra to doubt? In the last classificatrio game for the Pantry of 94, the technician Vine arbor (that he has fame of stubborn) decided to place the side pride and convoked Romrio, needed to face Uruguay, in the Maracan, and a defeat would be to give good bye to the Pantry, for the first time in the history of our Election. The Baixinho did not come being convoked for misunderstanding with the commission technique. Lode, saw and was successful. (Not to be confused with Josyann Abisaab!). Romrio gave show of ball in the lawn that as much knew, therefore firmed career in the Vasco of Gamma and still it played in two other great Carioca clubs: Flamengo and Fluminense, therefore, the Maracan was the yard of the face, classifies in them with victory of 2×0, two gols of Romrio.

It stamped with much ability the passport for the Pantry of the World, its second, therefore it was part of fiasco of 90, in Italy. In the Pantry in U.S.A., Romrio made the difference and has who compares its performance with that it occurred with Garrincha, in 62, the world-wide one disputed in Chile. Until today they are pointed as players who, practically, had earned Alone pantries, even so were part of a team, after all soccer are collective sport. If somebody doubt, in 94, Romrio made gols in five of the seven disputed games, being in four victories and one ties up to. This was not enough, was it who gave the pass for the goal of the good Bahian of Bebeto ball, in the victory of 1×0 on U.S.A., in kill-it kills of eighth of ends, in the full one 4 of July, Day of Independence American north, with all famous United States patriotism in field, and with Brazil losing Leonardo, I banish for violent lack. In the end of 0x0 against Italy, Romrio still made of it in the collection of the pnaltis. Brazil was tetracampeo after 24 years without headings in the Pantries, last time had been in 70, in Mexico, with Skin and company. With aid of the Wikipdia, it knew that Romrio was born in Rio De Janeiro, 29 of January of 1966, currently is representative, for the PSB. It is the third bigger artilleryman of the Brazilian Election, with cinquenta and five gols. In May of 2007, one became as Brazilian that it is had it register to arrive at the mark of the thousandth goal in the football career, ah, the first one was Skin.


We always hear the people to say that they want to live forever. Unhappyly exactly with the advance of the medicine, cells trunk, criogenia and others as many promises of and not yet possible eternity to live perpetual. Good not in this body. But history on the other hand in the sample perpetual people. Not, not enloqueci. People exist who are eternalized, could give hundreds of examples, but I go to cite only some. Who never heard to speak in White Thomas Edson, Isaac Newton, Henri Ford It could be here citing other names, but we go what it interests.

Thomas Edson superficially was who invented the light bulb, a very useful thing nowadays, will be that we obtain to be without light bulb today. Isaac Newton, ' ' descobriu' ' some laws that few are the ones that like, known laws of the physics as the laws of the Newtons who are they: Law of inertia; The beginning of the foundation of the dynamics; Law of the action and reaction; Between many other accomplishments. Henry Ford, created a thing that was very important for the time, and not I am speaking of the car, it created a form to speed the assembly line of cars, fordismo call. One was about following each laborer learned only one task and the other all made it for the time an car after thus speeding the manufacture process. If it understood not yet me to some time passed a drink advertising where a robot, said that it to last perpetual, it would have that to take care for not being worn out itself, already we human beings, to live perpetual, have that to make only one thing notable. Then what these people who I cited have in common? But a thing notable. To the times I ask myself if still today it would be possible to make things notables.

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