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Caring for Babies

If the kid apparently inflated or rumbling tummy and a child suffers, and massage to charging did not help, try this remedy. We used a glass tube from a pipette. The part where a wider opening to lubricate the baby oil and enter the shallow into the bottom, sometimes it helps a little stir straw. Wearing a column after feeding Went to air, which swallowed a baby during feeding, after a meal to vilify his bars. The effect will increase if more and gently pat on the back. The little ones can be lifted vertically, putting his head on her shoulder. Whether to lift the night after feeding – see for yourself. If a child hurts his tummy at night, then it is better to lift it upright for a while.

Can thus not even wake him up, if you put it on yourself and with him to get up. Soothing bath I can not explain their action, but a little help. We assign them to hyperexcitability, but somehow they soothe his tummy. There are different recipes. We neurologist advised as follows: 10 liters of water half a cup milk and 1 drop of lavender oil. Only the lavender oil should be natural. You can brew herbs such as valerian, motherwort. 2 tablespoons herbs pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and infuse (you can boil in water bath for 10 minutes), then strain and pour into a baby bath.

Only the water temperature must not fall below 37 degrees and bathing need not less than 10 minutes to the means to take effect. Do not just read that after such a bath children sleep at midnight, do not wake up, but my son because they did not act, although in general he slept much calmer. Sleep belly to belly It’s one of the most effective ways to sleep at night. Often we have only to them and fled. And Now, at 9 months, suffering from teething, sometimes synulya sleeps on his mother until he falls asleep stronger, because so long to sleep I can not – the heavy, but it is really comforting. And in the first few months he slept on me for hours, escape the pain in his tummy. You can wiggle, then added a tummy massage plus motion sickness, works perfectly. I wish you a better experience colic in a baby! Let your comfort is that this is temporary. Source –

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