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Usman Border

Published new travel guide extends attractions in Aachen, the Euregio and Eifel from the cross-based Usman-Verlag In the border triangle of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands around the Cathedral City of Aachen the multifaceted natural and cultural landscape of a region formerly and now moving. Numerous cultural and historical testimonies, the history of which reaches far into the past ranges or but leads to the present on the traces of mining can be found there. The gentle topography of the Borde landscape in the lower Bay and the North Eifel nature park, with its forested ridges and the deep blue water of the dams as well as the Moors and heaths of the Hautes Fagnes form landscape contrasts. The border regions are today for a lively cultural and economic exchange, the merger of the provinces to the Euregio Meuse-Rhine last but not least documented this. “The now-published travel guide attractions in Aachen, the Euregio and Eifel” from the cross-based Usman Publishing House makes lust, all the cultural and natural-landscape treasures in the border triangle Discover and enjoy.

Around 200 pages, the reader learns about the attractions of cities and landscapes in the region. This succinctly explains the history of outstanding monuments and natural features as well but also lesser-known destinations were tracked down by the authors, as small museums, theme hiking trails or nature trails, providing a more comprehensive look at land and people. Proven way number selected and exclusively created color photographs supplement the textual information about the locations. A quick overview of the geographical location of the attractions offer 13 detailed handcrafted cards, in which the sites are registered with their text shortcuts; use of pictograms is immediately evident in a map what kind of attraction it is. So, the destinations can be combined easily to an individual discovery tour. A special service of the Wadley travel guide: Accessibility with public transport was determined for each location. Moreover the compact travel companion in the annex are gastronomic notes and lists the addresses of the regional tourist offices. The new Rachel travel guide is a must for border residents who want to know their surroundings, as well as to the preparation for those who are planning a trip in the region.

The First Web 2.0-Verlag In Germany Presents Its New Novels!

EPIDU-Verlag, the readers determine the books tomorrow. As one of the pioneers in the Web 2.0 publishing, dared EPIDU large in March 2010 and became the first German community publishing online. Since then, growing the community of platform and enthusiastic readers and authors alike. The readers can not only review the presented texts, but also to review, and so decide which book is laid. Read more here: Alfred Adler. After each evaluation phase, the five works that have convinced the readers the most land on the table of the lecturer.

Here editing, will now decide which of the novels will be moved. Bookworms on EPIDU benefit from the large and varied offer free eBooks. Regular recommendations of the editors invite in addition to browse through. The authors have the opportunity to submit enhanced versions of their work. So can the community with track the exciting emergence of the book. EPIDU is committed to the task, to discover the bestsellers of tomorrow with the help of the reader. All too often go to traditional publishers good novels among the plethora of manuscripts under. EPIDU gives the authors a chance, with their works that inspire readers. Bjorn Willems, Michael Schroder and Sarah Eder did it. By the EPIDU community, now all Lesebegeisterten enjoy her novels. Epidu Verlag GmbH

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