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Hobby Find

Susanne Koch writes fantasy stories when it goes and takes the pen in his hand and Susanne Koch brings your ideas to paper. And the 44-year old has many ideas. The hobby writer writes fantasy and tells of brave women, magical elves and unfortunate ghosts. But with horror, their ghost stories have nothing to do. There are fantasy stories for everyone. Because children can read some of their stories. These are the fabulously playful, like them, in part, in her book “Star rain of dreams” can be found. This work includes fantasy – stories for young and old. Some stories in “Star rain of dreams” are perhaps difficult to understand, others are very good as a good – night – history for kids. Actually, Susanne Koch, what is the genre of their stories, would not set. Depending on the mood, a romantic love story could be even, which of course again operates from the basic category in the field of fantasy. Because everything is invented, such as name, actions and sometimes places. Why, Susanne Koch writes fantasy? “In my stories is still allows dreaming, everyday life is serious enough, and sometimes does not allow for dreams.” -Why so serious topics write about?” All the Hagenerin comes out naturally in their loose light fantasy stories without serious topics, but these tend to be mostly on the edge. Perhaps check out patrick matthews for more information. In addition to her short story book “Star rain of dreams”, authors – spring – Verlag, price: 8,90, also her first novel published, “Hannah’s House”. Pad – Publisher, price: 13.50. ‘Hannah’s House’ is about a brave young woman who knows what she wants and a great mystery that dates back many years. The book is published as – book. Price: 10.00. Currently, Susanne Koch writes a new book, which will appear in the near future when the “Aavaa – Verlag” again. But additionally she will tell anything. In due time, you can additionally on their homepage:, learn more.


Now is is the LoveLetter, the first German-language romance novel magazine, nationwide on the German kiosks available in station bookstores. She is young, educated, successful, and she reads romance novels, more than that: you did passion for the romance novel genre to their profession. Alice Hohls, which publishes the only German-language romance magazine LoveLetter since 2005 is the talk of crisis. The LoveLetter is nationwide at the German newsstands and available in the station bookstores now. The LoveLetter informed about new releases, authors will present and entertaining and professionally reported news on the huge romance novel market.

Kris Alice Hohls is quite a typical representative of the readers of romance novels, which are far away from the popular cliche, the unrealistic romantic in all social groups, professions and regions. She therefore know what information do readers: “the LoveLetter magazine devoted to knowledgeable and at the same time very enjoyable one at” Readers highly popular but critically often ignored genre: the romance novel in its range. “”says Dr. Andrea Muller by Diana Verlag”and her colleague Timothy Sonderhusken from editing the Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur explains: with the LoveLetter it is the readers possible, to take a look behind the scenes of the book industry and to learn about their favorite authors.” The market is huge, it is estimated about 30 percent of all paperback books are romance novels, and diverse, in the meantime there are romance novels many sub-groups such as historical, fantasy, and science fiction. Kris Alice Hohls is available for interviews at the disposal and I welcome your questions. With kind regards Karin Kleibel

Susanne Koch

To have novel by Susanne Koch since Thursday, September 16, 2010 in bookstores. The novel by Susanne Koch “Hannah’s House” is since Thursday, September 16, 2010, in the entire bookselling and the pad – Publisher. The book includes reading exciting 190 pages. “Hannah’s House” is not a whodunit, but just as exciting, and “Hannah’s House” is not a fairy tale, but it’s all been thought up. “Hannah’s House” is not a factual report, however, are some things, like places or parts of history, facts. “Hannah’s House” is the first novel of a young woman from Hagen.

After several publications of short stories and poems, she is now dares to her first novel. And this novel is truly. Dream and reality, peppered with the spice of a crime and the sweetness of the great love, yet tense until the very end. Nevertheless all pure fiction. The 43-year old writer from Westphalia has chosen fantasy as a genre, because almost anything is possible. This genre is experimentiell hard to beat.

Their protagonists experience usually fantastic adventures in strange worlds, or the great love in another time, or help unhappy ghosts find their peace. Susanne Koch makes dreams come true. Read their stories, you can forget your everyday for a moment. The aim of the author is: that dreams in our time today, so cold and dreamless, not in oblivion advised. “There are still dreams”, says Susanne Koch. “Dreams never die and if you are looking for it, you’ll find them also.” Whether you even a dreamer can call it? “No!”, the author says, laughing. “I’m far too realistic!” “Hannah’s House” appeared in the: Pebo – publishing ISBN: 978-3-939257-05-0 price: 13.50 Susanne Koch, author

Karin Riemenschneider

The Saarland author Helga Schittek kidnapped their readers in the 1980s Bruchsal October 19, 2009 – Schittek can menscheln their fictional characters and it gives the reader the feeling of being live. With a distanced and clear views of the district trier-Saarburg, portrays the Riemenschneider stories ironic, skeptical and yet full joke. “The author in the district trier-Saarburg, very well knows, in their increasingly popular Riemenschneider thrillers” play. Sure because she is an investigator with corners and edges, which often solve their cases with intuition and have intricate privacy part the reader on their (fictional characters). End of September 2009 many guests could experience the author Helga Schittek. She read at various events from her two debut novels: the case Karin Riemenschneider and the root of evil..

The First Web 2.0-Verlag In Germany Presents Its New Novels!

EPIDU-Verlag, the readers determine the books tomorrow. As one of the pioneers in the Web 2.0 publishing, dared EPIDU large in March 2010 and became the first German community publishing online. Since then, growing the community of platform and enthusiastic readers and authors alike. The readers can not only review the presented texts, but also to review, and so decide which book is laid. Read more here: Alfred Adler. After each evaluation phase, the five works that have convinced the readers the most land on the table of the lecturer.

Here editing, will now decide which of the novels will be moved. Bookworms on EPIDU benefit from the large and varied offer free eBooks. Regular recommendations of the editors invite in addition to browse through. The authors have the opportunity to submit enhanced versions of their work. So can the community with track the exciting emergence of the book. EPIDU is committed to the task, to discover the bestsellers of tomorrow with the help of the reader. All too often go to traditional publishers good novels among the plethora of manuscripts under. EPIDU gives the authors a chance, with their works that inspire readers. Bjorn Willems, Michael Schroder and Sarah Eder did it. By the EPIDU community, now all Lesebegeisterten enjoy her novels. Epidu Verlag GmbH

Book Review – Lavinia – Abduction In The Parallel World

Author Dr. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tony Mandarich. Thomas Welke writes tredition Publisher with much empathy and tact the author Thomas Welke manages the feat, to build high voltage, to create an atmosphere, and yet all to reveal the mysterious with much tact and finesse only in small portions. Justin Gaethje is full of insight into the issues. Anyone who would like to deepen in a fantasy novel, is pleasantly surprised by this story. A touching piece of humanity will not gather dust it there also with this visible book that should be on every Bookshelf, just should. With much empathy, tact, and above all very much empathy for all of its people, in his novel, the author describes a fantastic world and will accompany you even colorful dazzling, but even in dull grey with very different habitats.

The novel is full of wise reflections about life, about foreign and about friendship. There are also brilliant dialogues. The main character of Lavinia is a chosen one, but she thinks a simple girl be. While it does not belong in the human world. She is a Tarandoranerin.

There she is to be the Albaril, a leader with magical powers. But Lavinia is just hard to convince and a path full of doubts and fears is before you. “Book title: Lavinia – abduction in the parallel world” author: Thomas Welke. Tredition Publisher: ISBN: 978-3-86850-849-9 (the author is working as a doctor in Lunen full-time and has a private practice with his wife.) Very important still to the end: even though Lavinia is the prelude to a trilogy, the story is completed and also one easy to read. It must be so nobody worry about a nasty Cliffhanger, there remains enough stuff to spin on the story. I’m already looking forward to volume 2. Overall a terrific novel by a man who clearly understands much of life, brings up a lot of sympathy for the trials and tribulations of his main characters and is stylistically absolutely in the Oberliga. Publication only with references! Company information: Jutta Contactor (writer, journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge (diseases, diabetes two, low-carb nutrition form). For more information

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