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Minimum Car

Which bank is better to get car loans from? we learn better ways of credit programs that offer the most well-known banks car buyers in business class. Buying a car the buyer expects that the design of road vehicles on credit, is not inferior to the comfort and prestige of such a machine. It can be described as a full range of services, which suggests an almost unlimited choice for the customer. The richness and variety of credit proposals, addressed to car buyers of business class for the prostate can be reduced to five major categories. For even more details, read what endocrinologist says on the issue. 20% down payment ‘is the most common sentence banks when buying a car on credit. It presents all the big and famous banks that have already proved themselves in the Russian market. The loan rate equals the effective rate + no hidden fees. However, it should Remember that the package of required documents is not limited to driver’s license and passport.

By the banks are drawing up such loans include: Raiffeisenbank, Rosbank, Bank Soyuz, Impex and others. Minimum initial This installment credit program for those who are currently a large amount of free cash for a down payment does not possess, but to buy a car on credit he wants. An initial contribution of 10-15% and a maturity of 5 years will the loan is best for your budget. For even more analysis, hear from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Among the banks offering this loan product can be noted: the Savings Bank and the Bank of ‘Societe Generale Vostok “Without the additional documents. This product is designed for those customers which, due to lack of time are not able to issue additional documents for obtaining car loans.

The bank will require a minimum set of documents: passport and driver’s license. The time for consideration loan application is different from the standard. However, be aware that interest rates under this scheme, the loan is higher because not lose those customers who plan to repay the loan early. This credit provides, For example, Russ-Bank. Credit with a minimum of overpayment. This group can be attributed to banks ‘transparency’ rates, which enable customers to save money, if he will provide a complete package of documents required for registration car on credit. The initial payment on such loan, usually equal to 30%. Also, be aware of special offers, which Banks are developing jointly with the Motor Show. Under such proposals in the car loan is issued at a discounted rate. Such proposals are for a limited time and they can be found only in the bank.

For International Business Planning Standards

According to a study conducted by the International Fund Bleyzer in 2009, among the risk factors for the majority of investors are considering the possibility of cooperation with Ukraine, the presence of low quality of corporate governance. In particular, insufficient attention is paid to the development of the investment documentation, consistent with international standards and understandable to investors. Analysis shows that the methodological framework, which is used by an overwhelming majority of domestic enterprises to plan their development does not comply with international recommendations. It repels potential national and Foreign investors and creditors from making investments. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. They are not able to hold on to them acceptable techniques (international standards) examination of economic efficiency presented to them of business plans to decide on its results concerning guarantees return on investment and the level of expected profits. This fact is today one of the key, creating problem to attract investment in Ukrainian economy, and therefore requires an immediate response. Most enterprises in the state sector, the preparation of investment proposals, using guidelines for the development of business plans, approved by the Minister of Economy of Ukraine 290 from 06.09.2006g.

Experts and analysts of investment and project company BFM Group, acquainted with the above recommendations came to the conclusion that they have significant disadvantages and do not meet international standards, in particular the methodology of UNIDO, outlined in the Guidelines for the preparation of feasibility studies for industrial projects " (Second edition, 1991) and recommended for use by enterprises of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization). Ukraine became a member of UNIDO in 1995 after the signing between the Government of Ukraine and United Nations Industrial Development Organization Agreement on cooperation in industrial development. Provision of project in a form appropriate standards recommendations UNIDO provides a certain advantage of positive decision on funding, and also gives some idea of quality of enterprise management – the applicant. Carefully prepared in accordance with international standards, investment proposals contribute to the overall increase in the volume of foreign investments into Ukraine's economy and play an important role, given Ukraine's accession to the WTO. Company specialists BFM Group proposals for revision guidelines for the development of business plans of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, taking into account international experience, in particular, the recommendations UNIDO, TACIS, World and European banks, and other international financial structures. Currently BFM Group has initiated an appeal to the Prime Minister of Ukraine on the establishment of a joint working group of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and the BFM Group, and the subsequent introduction of appropriate changes to the document. Help. Investment and project company BFM Group was established in 2003. The main activities: the management of industrial investment projects and providing professional services to develop investment documentation (business plans, feasibility studies, memoranda, financial business model, the concept of enterprises subject to privatization).

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