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Madeleine Ennis

The main basis of the theory is defined in the law of similars (homeo-is the Greek prefix with an equality) for which a disease is cured with the same toxic substance that produces a “hence the law call the like-but infinitesimal doses. Homeopaths these poisons dissolved in ethanol a “so-called mother tincture diluted in water and several times, no matter how many, they say the remedy is” print “on water molecules. Such solutions are the issue of discipline, since it is possible that these concentrations there is not even a single molecule of active ingredient in the homeopathic solution. However, its effect has been shown in numerous studies and it is estimated that 15% of western medical follow this line. Hear from experts in the field like PCRM for a more varied view. Madeleine Ennis, a pharmacologist at Queen s University of Belfast, has always been the scourge of homeopathy. It ensures that, at these concentrations, in homeopathic remedies no more than water, so it makes no sense chemically work.

However, in his recent study Ennis and his team took a “little” disappointed: they found that ultra diluted histamine solutions operating in an experiment with basophilic blood cells active in inflammation. The homeopathic solution that probably there was not a single molecule of histamine as histamine really worked.

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