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Reiki Danger

The book of American Eric S resin is translated in German as well. “It’s time: the American author Eric S resin has the approval of the translation of his book the danger of Reiki healing that harms” issued in the German language. “The title can be translated roughly with the dangers of Reiki healing hurt”. In the book, the author describes how it was inaugurated in Reiki and what he experienced in the course of time. He describes that Reiki certainly meant something. He experienced even spurts of energy and felt the power of Reiki symbols of the own body.

He noted, however, that the Reiki always moved him down. He noted that the effects of a Reiki treatment were always just a short while. The healed”suffering returned most or it other, sometimes worse evils joined. So is it to be possible, thorough of a Reiki treatment, and over and over again to have to take it. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Resin describes very graphically, that the Reiki because its effects often viewed as a good way. But he warns that the source of these effects of occult nature is. Reiki by God comes not, as some believe it.

If you feel a relief after a Reiki treatment, is the temporary in nature. Most people develop an urge to go back to a meeting. Resin also reported a man who suffered serious depression after a Reiki treatment, that he had to go to a psychiatric hospital. Never before in his life, this man had suffered from depression. The translation of the book will be published step by step on the side for Reiki dangers. Who is interested in the original English version, can register with the operators. Eckart Haase

Understand Until Today

You look at the book market, the issue of religion and Christianity seems\”to be discussed. Why yet another book? \”Who Helmut Rittirsch BBs book the soul of God\” reads, it finds an answer, because what the former Pastor offers us in his book, schwerstverdauliche food for most of the faithful. \”\” Already, the following sentence will be designated by some perhaps as a scandalous: there is no objective point of view \”, writes Rittirsch, because everything goes through our personal perception first and loses its original innocence.\” Rittirsch provoked. But each set is deliberate and pulls the interested reader into its spell. You realize that things here not only, no, say they have lived through and ennobled by the own concern down to the last detail. \”It continues here: as we could come only on the idea that we believed to know who or what God out there ‘ really is?\” Rittirsch BBs dedicated debut comes refreshing daring, is therefore but also provocative and in some places should you read it twice, because the sets are rich, the style is clear, honest but never superficial detail. This one stops to read more accurately, and to track the things described in detail. \”The book meets an in self-imposed demands with flying colors: it is thoroughly, and this sophisticated in the truest sense of the word\”, it is authentic, playful, eloquent, and yet never preachy.

Rittirsch stresses that it never was his intention in fact, to attack the Church. It concerns solely the contradiction in Word and deed, especially the Christian communities are putting today to the day.\” It must not be the Christian Church; everywhere where there is duplicity and self-deception, it is necessary to raise his voice. It is an all too human problem we may trace, aiming eventually to more authenticity and honesty in the Dealing with ourselves and our environment to get.

Why Was Esoteric Reason Displaced

There is economic stability problems, unemployment and declining membership figures in the churches – the “flight to the esoteric” to explain many approaches. But what mechanisms are there then the individuals who get a people to determine their destiny with a pendulum, or instead of waiting for the bus on a UFO? What’s behind this when people touched by a view of healing, or want to can see the “aura” of other fellow human beings? It is natural to bind together unfairly and all alternative beliefs to a “belief in the esoteric”. Since esotericism is not a homogeneous faith as a religion. Rather, picking his world picture together is the trailer from what appears to him as a logical or finds satisfactory answers at a particular beliefs or guru. And exactly what makes the skeptics when he sees Monika at the Tarot reader, but at the same time bless from their apartment at the Feng Shui consultant can be so cynical. But what are these experiences which were touched by angels or their subtle Astral body has made a journey? These are all lies? Of course not. But how to explain? The power of (Auto) suggestion of each file-X fan knows the UFO poster with the inscription “I want to believe”.

This sentence tells us more than it may seem. Because instead of “I think” is just “I want to believe” on the poster. A well-known wine experiment, which I read when Thorsten Havener is illustrative of the power of suggestion: A guest waiting for a supposed wine tasting and get two glasses with wine served. What the guest does not know: it is the same wine from the same bottle. The hosts now introduces the “wines” and explains the first wine although of excellent quality that however when compared to the second wine contains more acid. The decorated fails the description of the wine, the better the experiment will work: the guest is then asked to make an opinion.

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