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The Puncture

But of which negotiations are we speaking! The businesses that never arrive at the palafita house, of wood the puncture, sarrafos that decorate the edges of rivers, wasteland and slum quarters. These businesses can until being of China, but never it was until the catadores of lixos that they dispute space enters urubus in lixes the opened sky, what they make there? They search sustenance of the leftovers, of wastefulnesses, of the luxury of that they could make more than to wrinkle the forehead, to order to arrest, only to call vagabond who it works of truth, to ignore that also they are human and mortal. If one day the generals, who had left its uniforms and decorations in exchange for tender house and necktie, looked at for itself and if they felt ridicule, them they could understand that the times had moved or ignore its more dramatical comic condition. Dr. Neal Barnard is actively involved in the matter. They would see that the people never was clown, therefore it always it saw and it made that he did not see clowns maneuvering words, cuspindo while they speak to the shouts in palanques, snarling with other generals who threatened and are threatened ahead of the people who decides who will act in this circus per 4 or 8 years. It is it jury and carrasco of the clowns who do not act with professionalism or that acting they are used for the application of votes of I repudiate and revolt. The truth is that the times moves to each moment, right now already it left of being now, what not if it can is to believe that Brazil of 1500, of 1964, of 1980, 1990, continues the same in now, who acts in this manner has serious problems to face the failure or the cowardice of not wanting changes, as our old generals who continue deluded with its rusted stars..

Chronic Lost Treasures

An old popular proverb says thus: It has things that people alone value when loses. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Senator Elizabeth Warren and gain more knowledge.. Brega, piegas, but rich in truth and meaning. We possess small letters divine preciosidades, that come with us since nascena: the eyelashes. Basic in the protection of our eyes, subtle and essential accessories of plant, so fragile and delicate are irreplaceable. Lazy, we ignore its existence, despite they are the target next to our vision. Not being through a mirror, in a baffling paradox, we only enxergamos an eyelash when it moves away itself from the eye. More pathetic still it is that calmly rested, done the eyelash that usually we see, a Cisco in the face, was unfurled of the eye of another person.

There people communicate the mutilated person, saying that it has an eyelash in its face and, as well as any one of us, in a surprise compound and mourning passes, instinctively in the face, the coasts of the fingers of the hand and moves away for far, forever its carssimo piece. The children, with its wonderful one infantile wisdom, gives more value to the eyelash. It had a trick that I made with my sisters, when we caught an eyelash. It was a type of mandinga, I know there, pra to carry through desires. One joguinho amused that it valued that small pelinho of the eyelid, giving to it magical properties.

I believe that still it has people, until adults whom still this makes. Pressing the eyelash between our thumbs, shaking the hands and saying magical words, who were with the eyelash in the finger, would have its carried through order. Ana Carollina had three pra four years when she saw an eyelash in my face. Curious, she asked because she had a mustache mine it are of the place. I laugh and gave to one aulinha of eyelash pra it.

Social Norms Medicine

The African continent does not deserve commentaries. Done exception to the South Africa. In relation to Asia what we have as it has detached is the China that badly obtains to produce stops to feed a population that grows almost in exponential way that. India, Japan, Coreia of the south, Australia and Nova Zelndia are not compared with Brazil. This panorama that if discloses for next the 19 years will go to demand that the two professions of pair up to assume the advantage of the installed productive systems and to be installed. The new productive systems will go to not only demand of the two professions specific knowledge, but uneven intermeshing technician. The Curricular Grating of the Course of Medicine Veterinary medicine, does not approach with the enough depth and nor is of its formador profile while of professionals of the area of Agrarian Sciences, teachings regarding Administration.

Something regarding Agricultural Administration exists yes, but circumscribed and it is limited. It is known that complex productive in the areas of poultry keeping, cattle of cut, cattle of milk, swines and inside of few years piscicultura, for legal device demand the presence of Professionals Graduated Medicine Veterinary medicine, but this is not the angular rock of sustentation. The great angular rock is the capacity technique and professional that brings in its luggage of day to day life, by means of courses, training, seminaries, periods of training in entities of recognized capacity, measure the developed studies. The Medicine Veterinary medicine, or better, the Professionals Graduated Medicine Veterinary medicine, knows to produce inside of the Ethical standards, Security Alimentar and Biossegurana, demanded for more the import countries. They produce foods of Sanitary, Ambient and Social Norms inside. But of another side them it is not of professional ability To manage.

We Doctors () Veterinarians () are not enabled to act in the branch of the Administration. Our activity is come back toward sanitary systems in the most varied domestic and exotic animal species. In the production of animals destined it abates to it, in integrated systems productive. In the esportivas areas where animal they require special attention in the areas of physiology, ortopedia, nutrition. In clinics and hospitals veterinarians. In the alimentary industries where the products of animal origin are the essential base. At last in these cited segments and others exist many, exist yes the necessity of the Administrator. The Administrator who enverede for the branch of the agronegcio? productive systems? it will have great possibilities of success. If does not have to face the Administrator as that professional who is the time all behind a table and with on its notebok, at least in the productive agricultural food area? prime rea -. One of the devoid segments is what it relates the Administration of Human resources. Rarssimas country properties counts on the services directed toward the social politics, where the presence of the Administrator is essential. The association of knowledge in the two professions: Medicine Veterinary medicine and Administration tends to be the great chance for next the 19 years. A time more the interdisciplinaridade will be the great tonic.

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