Starting a Business

The second – the people who originally surrounds the beneficial society, then there are people who initially open to new possibilities and ideas. These people can not come to man, and the idea of seeing her promise. Let me tell you a secret, 90% of people starting a business is not mlm belong to neither the first nor the second category. They come in order to be successful (this is not a quick process), to surround himself with the same people (it's not too fast). Ie portrait novice networkers like this: Man works for hired work, surrounded by his people for whom the main joy in life football with beer, new year, vacation at the cottage, and it suits them, and when they are told to personal growth – it's the same thing as a sect, zombies or no Chinese characters on sneakers. Do not know what changed the mind of the man himself, perhaps it was a book on me at one time influenced , or some other event.

One key word in my head worked. But this head your friends are the same as before. Your friends – this is not always the people who are looking to change something in their lives. And in this situation, you as a seller of red Ferrari which is trying to prove his beauty of the taiga dweller who needs all-terrain vehicle. Should take into account that most people are inclined to skepticism, it is easier to criticize than to do something. Sometimes this is because of envy in other situations, from a sincere desire good. The result is the same: If a man needs a tractor, then he will not buy a Ferrari, how could you not convinced. Most beginners mlm business at the start do not yet have an iron rod of self-confidence and the reality of the goal.

Therefore assess all of this first contact. About 70% of people dropping out of network marketing, do it in the first week. I think if you read the article, so you do not want to get into the 70% and did not want them caught your partners so I advise you to use a different approach. Your friends will not disappear, and if you really want to give them a real chance to do it when you cook yourself. Cold market – is just one tool in the network marketing, who teaches the people, gives them negotiating skills, gets rid of fears and coached speech. Its saving grace is that it is practically endless. How many mistakes you have not done anything terrible happen. Conducted a wrong call, please note the error and move to the next person. This differs radically from the meter to your friends list, where you risk being left without a list in the process of training. First, it versatile tool, since does not depend on the environment of the individual. Second, you'll be much easier to relate to failure, because it's strangers, and until they become partners – until you have no case. Third, you will be confident, because You will not look like every day reduces the number of names on your list. Fourthly, your friends will not move to the other side of the street in fear that you will again be their somewhere to carry. Fifthly, most importantly, seeing your results, your friends will be much easier to believe in your proposal and you will be able to help them achieve their goals. PS: The easiest way to search for partners in a cold market, using the Internet.

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