South American Qualifiers

The sale for next Saturday’s match began on Tuesday at Luna Park and the Monumental stadium. Before long, most economical exhausted in less than three hours were no more seats on sale at the Luna for audiences high and Sivori Centennial High, whose value was 40 and 50 pesos. With 23 players available, the team’s ‘Coco’ Basile has the intention to reverse a run of three games without a win by knockout, although it remains second in the standings with 11 points, two behind leaders Paraguay. By the national team, Riquelme made various statements, I contend that there is no difference between the selection football facing the South American Qualifiers and which won the gold medal at the Olympic Games, despite being directed by two different techniques and some changes name. Paraguay relies on the recovery of one of his figures, according to the medical campus, Santa Cruz “is a hematoma at the left ankle is not as bad as we thought, but it is something minor.” Missing a few days to mourn and beyond statements and estimates of the press in regard to statistics, the reality is that the national team forward again to get a win after three matches without a win. Argentina lost against Colombia and tied with Brazil and Ecuador, so this will be an essential party to give a significant change in mood of Argentines with regard to who is selected by the great ‘Coco’ Basile.

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