The small businesses are many that are including the new technologies in their productive models. Today it is more frequent than ever to find small industralists who use Internet to promote their activity. It is the adjustment of bicycles or the cakes at home, the certain one is that the social networks have revolutionized the form to make publicity online. Whatever activity for which it is preparation, unemployment can consider like a unique opportunity to dedicate itself to what it always dreamed but never it dared to take the step. Before the crisis the network was used for the cover of concrete facts: To know more on an interest subject, to connect themselves with some distant friend or to send an electronic mail were the most frequent uses of the network. The reduction of the tariffs for the connection, together with the masificacin of the social networks and the taking of brings back to consciousness to find us in a platform conformed by the ideas of different people, is what abre a fan of inexhaustible intelligence-gathering capabilitieses.

Internet consolidates like the resolution platform of conflicts more profitable in terms of yield than never it has existed. Others including endocrinologist, offer their opinions as well. In Internet the hopes and confidences of all nature are deposited of those who in her interact, waking up the intrinsic capacities to the human being of a unique form, never before obtained in the population of the world. The change of the productive model is undeniable and it takes place by a double effect; on the one hand the exhaustion of an ineffective productive system and on the other the increasing interest of the professionals to work from its houses whatever its activity. A lawyer can serve of consultant’s office online, a financial adviser can write formation manuals and a housewife can make cakes for birthday to order. All of them can initiate the benefit of their services through the creation of their personal mark in Facebook and Twitter, of simple initial rules of use and 100% economic one, increasing the added value of their emprendimiento, its incipient own business and its plan of successful business. The recycling of the application of the personal qualities and his integration to the new productive model is there, within reach, solely through a defined objective, much certainty and perseverancia and a good recycling understood like the total adaptation, a very profitable business is without a doubt..

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