Racing Accidents

All the World Rally Championship held in Finland. And somehow it is the most successful country in motorsport? Yes, just there are conditions! Endless forests, sharp smack, rocks and precipices. You need to be just a racer from God or crazy to be there to ride with such speed. Credit: Dr. John Mcdougall-2011. This ten minute video – a compilation of the craziest accidents over the past 20 years of racing in Finland. Therefore, watching videos and understand that you are far from those guys who is get up on their rally cars, which Schumacher himself never dreamed of. In my vgzlyad seems that it is in their blood adrenaline which allows them to travel with such speed and yet at the same time to stay alive) Of course, and a car from them are not bad but here The whole point of the driver. So enjoy this video and remember the important thing is the safety of the road! Good luck!

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