The life of all people without exception, in its development will be permeated by a large number of situations and experiences which greatly affect his personality and his way of thinking. Given this fact provides a discipline that is dedicated to the study of how it affects the person's different experiences of life and such discipline is psychology which studies the different mental processes from three dimensions, the cognitive, affective and behavioral and as reflected in areas such as moral, social and spiritual. Psychology seeks to cover the study of all human experiences, so its scope is from the brain functions and how this is affected to different kinds of stimuli, to the mental development of people at different stages of his life. Keep in mind that no sun psychology seeks to understand the situations related to human psychology as it is also about how animals think, therefore we can say that both psychology studies humans and animals in their way of thinking, feeling and learning as well as this study gives the process of adaptation to the environment surrounding the lives of people and animals. The method has been developed contemporary psychology to understand the thinking, is to collect information about different events and experiences in which they observe and conduct and organize them so systematized and to develop theories to contribute to the task of understanding how to act and have a means to explain the behavior and in some cases the theories come to a point where useful for predicting future actions and so able to act on them. Psychology in the development of its activity has been deployed by 2 ways that help your research and include: – psychology as an experimental science, which seeks to do a hypothesis testing, with several variables in experimental contexts, psychology is normal in this case go to other areas of scientific study to make better examples. – Psychology looking to real development from a broader perspective, conducting assessments in their research methods that seek to enrich the description and interpretation of various processes. It is true that scientific experimentation psychology develops in both humans and animals, but is much more common application in humans, since the application of psychology has much more to treat people, and to a lesser Medici dealing with animals, either as a subject or as an element for comparing species. Psychology for having as object of study to the man is an application that moves between the biological and social, so his work psychology works with a normal component of the environment, seeking to understand how this unfolds in the environment which is normally found, ie society.

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