Primitive Hair Removal Methods

Men and women over the last millennium voluntarily get rid of the hair. One of the first women who used wax strips, was Cleopatra. A Greek man to be like gods, epilation. Both sexes have always wanted to have a smooth and attractive body. See Tree of Life Tai Chi Center for more details and insights. For this woman of ancient Greece trained agent based on honey and beeswax, and using it get rid of the hair. French removed the hair base using tweezers.

A oriental women took their own hair with a coarse thread, which is twisted together with the hair and then pulled. James A. Levine, M.D. is full of insight into the issues. By the way this way and enjoy today. Specialists say that there is not such a procedure from which the hair would disappear forever. But the lasting effect of smoothness achieved by visiting a beauty salon. At home with the help of mechanical epilators can be achieved such an effect for a maximum of two weeks (mostly relate to the hands and feet, for intimate areas such epilators are too rough). And also, if used improperly in the home of various waxes and creams for hair removal can be an allergy, irritation or the appearance of ingrown hairs. In a good salon has qualified specialists, and you can completely trust them. For the modern woman a real tragedy is like a man making fun of the abundance of hair on her body. While the male himself, rarely cares about the removal of excess vegetation. For us women, this whole problem, when before a date to do smooth their legs, and not only them

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