Power Mormon

International analyst Romney EEUU is one of the industrialized countries where religion counts more. There all its Presidents have been Protestant except the Catholic Kennedy. While the Republicans have always applied plates with Protestants, the Democrats have had three candidates Catholics to the Presidency (Smith 1928, 1960 Kennedy and Kerry 2004) and one Jewish Vice Presidential (Lieberman 2000). This time a mormon (Mitt Romney) are disputing seriously be the candidate of the Republicans. To know more about this subject visit James A. Levine, M.D.. He has won half of the inmates of this party and has been second in the other half. Their ancestors co-founded Mormonism, his father pre – candidateo in 1968, he organized the Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City 2002 (Mormon capital) and he was Governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007).

Various positions of Romney (opposition to abortion and gays; and joints to support the death penalty and the current strategy in Iraq) are tuned with his party’s evangelical right, although many of them believe that Mormons are not Christians. To Mormon while Mormons claim to be the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, many Christians believe that they are a different religion. They arose in 1830 and postulate that other churches are demonic or false; they deny the Trinity and conceive Jesus and Jehovah are the same; They trumpet the dead baptism and marriage even in the afterlife; and they do not use the cross because they claim that Jesus revived in the Americas. In the book of Mormon, its third Testament, they plotted an elaborate history of the Americas where: all its native inhabitants come from Jews who bred horses, cows and lambs before the European conquest; and all the cities and towns that are mentioned are not an archaeological handle. They motivated polygamy until 1890-1904 and until 1978 they tool blacks to exercise the priesthood. They have a living Prophet who usually manages to go to modernize their beliefs and that achieves all its young should provide a service mandatory missionary for two years, Thanks to which are one of the religions that more money and followers is capturing. Although Romney not achieved the official postulation of the Republicans, his current good performance is a great incentive for the influence of this cult in the mega-power and the world. Original author and source of the article.

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