Doctors play one of the tasks that greater consideration and respect infuse in our society: caring for our health and well-being. However, despite his deep knowledge about human anatomy and its pathologies, sometimes they make mistakes, and can these be tremendously hazardous for their patients, who deposited their hopes and their trust in them. The modality most frequent of them, even in 40% of cases, are failures diagnosis, precisely because they can occur in any medical discipline, from ophthalmology to the gynecology or Pediatrics. Many times these are derived from the fact that medicine is not an exact science, presenting many diseases and pathologies boxes very similar symptoms among themselves. In addition, there are many aspects about our health resulting still unknown to doctors, especially in certain parts of our Anatomy such as the brain. But other times, they are caused by the lack of care from the optional medical, to not carry out this analysis with the proper depth on the State of the patient, sometimes rushing to give a diagnosis that finally is not which corresponds to the true state of the patient.

It is in these cases when can talk about medical malpractice for failure diagnosis. Failures diagnosis of negligent character in general we can say that errors or failures of diagnosis could take place in two different ways:-by attributing the medical practitioner to his patient an ailment or disease other than the one that truly ails him. -When is not you diagnosed your Pathology at the right time, thereby causing the same progression to an extent that could be very difficult or even impossible to treat. Both events could result in very serious or even irreparable damage to the patient. In the first of the cases, you might be to furnish to the patient medications contraindicated for his true state, and you may cause damage such as e.g.

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