Pearl Harbor

It is just now moving from the present to the future. So, the seeds for the things that are happening today and events such as the 2012 still going to happen because they have happened in the past.If we know where to look in the past, this gives us an idea of what we can expect in the present and in the future. The waves of time are still natural rhythms, cycles and natural progressions. This means that we can measure, calculate and predict when seeds conditions for an event will happen again and again.This means that we can take the year 2012 to calculate it in reverse, using the natural rhythms at times in our history when the seed for 2012 was planted. Noting the seed, we can determine when patterns and events that will happen in the year 2012 were put in motion. We can go to the geological record to see what was happening then on the planet. Or we can go towards the archaeological record to see what was happening to people to really give us a good idea of what we can expect for these next few years.Question: You speaks about position Mayan 2012 end date, as that has already happened in our past.Gregg Braden: absolutely!Do question: what can we do to prepare ourselves for what is going to happen in the next 2012?Gregg Braden: To prepare for any thing that is what is going to happen, we must understand what is going to happen.

It is the importance of knowing precisely where to look in the past to understand what you are about to experience or what we are already experiencing now.Question: Now, you spoke about Pearl Harbor and the year 2001 as that they have been years of dates that occurred in disputes, when in reality the United States, on both occasions were attacked. What are the other crucial dates to which you referred in the book?Gregg Braden: 2012, records show when we examine the history of the Earth in the centres of ice in Antarctica for example, which was preserved a record of Earth’s past. When we examine these ice cores on dates which are Fractals or seed for the year 2012 patterns, they tell us that the magnetic fields of the Earth were weakened on those dates. Energy from the Sun was stronger so the ice at the Poles began to melt. The Oceans began to soar, the climate began to change and the weather patterns began to change.Do question: we are experiencing it now?.Gregg Braden: Precisely and that’s the point.

Has he crossed the Earth through a big change? Yes. Does this mean that something is wrong or something is broken? No! It always happens when we reach this point in a great cycle. When we’re at this distance from the power source in the center of our Milky way, when the Earth is tilted and oriented shape which is, apparently, this is what always happens.Therefore, to a large extent already are experiencing great changes that so many have predicted. We are already seeing cities erased from the face of the earth near the shallow coasts. We are already observing earthquakes and tsunamis of great magnitude. We are already observing forest fires by aligning them through vast open spaces. We are seeing millions of people who die of disease. The United States are blessed in not experiencing much; Here, as in other parts of the world. But such a change can occur anywhere and everywhere. (ContinuIII/III) Original author and source of the article.

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