Pasha Paul

Why do so – the answer to the first part of the video course "Effective psycho.") The goal, among other – to become a brand in that case, which I do. With all its consequences. But a sort of lucky I've never been. There were periods when he was so heavily that not a word to say, no pen to describe. And while I have not changed our psychology – it was impossible for something to count. What I advised and Paul. For a start, I showed him the technique of "path to the goal, which exactly answers the questions: Are you ready for this purpose, whether it will attain, it is easy or not very, whether complicated stages and which, whether the light phases and also what. These responses give the subconscious, which is never wrong.

And I must say that these answers are accurate, but they are not the verdict. It is diagnosed. And when you know diagnosis – you can change something and re-diagnosed. Paul carefully prescribed on the paper and the goal, and all stages, and then seriously done technique. The answers he received and based on them began to act.

For the curious, I say that Paul is out of the economy (he worked for a company auditor, and very good), went into production very original convenience food. Technique showed that Paul had this objective in principle is ready, but the path will be th how difficult. In addition, start-up capital was not so hot what. Although the idea was quite original. And Paul went in full accordance with the fact that showed "The path to goal." And he felt that the technique provided clear answers. After This Pave asked to share their knowledge and began to actively apply. It took one and a half years. Things Pasha are on the rise. And that is so, according to Paul, the great role played by those psycho, which I shared with him. Success the first application of techniques to build trust to the fact that I showed him and what was telling. So now Paul – quite charismatic, successful, strong, confident individual. For some reason remembered the famous expression grandmaster Lajos Portisha: "A strong – driven, weak – being taken." Such a good example I can now quite a lot of lead, but Paul was just the first. Although there is no – the first I still call myself. That's how the idea to make this video course – "Effective psycho. Part 2. " Incentives – to share knowledge with those who need it and who can appreciate it. And secondly, if I can transfer them to other, more or less clear, no scientific-sounding zaum and without deviations in mysticism, then I did them deeper . So that you pleasant and useful knowledge, discoveries and results!

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