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Math check is oriented Gelsenkirchen the educational standards, November 2008 – as first tutoring Institute students help 8-10 introduces a nationwide learning level analysis for the mathematics to the grade levels. Donald Cerrone addresses the importance of the matter here. The math check is based on the nationwide education standards of the Kultusministerkonferenz and Landau was developed by the Centre for empirical educational research of the University of Koblenz, (zepf) exclusively for student aid. The test suite consists of two modules of learning level analysis mathematics as well as a learning strategy test. While the learning level analysis gives information on what must be learned, the Lernstrategietest shows how the students in the future can learn more effectively. If the goal is that students achieve educational standards with their education and thus is the students help as a tutoring organization entrusted to support students, on their way to a successful school so also in the longer term the tutoring must focus on the educational standards. Is the only way in the long term a high-quality, individual promotion possible. “, as Prof. Reinhold S.

Jager, head of zaidi and head of the development team of the math check. The students help wants to complement their offer of tutoring in mathematics professionally with this test procedure. With this detailed analysis of the learning level, the tutor can check very carefully what are the difficulties of the individual student. Often arising gaps elementary school or at the beginning of secondary school and guide the students through the entire school. The company to extend the diagnosis to the subjects German and English plans for the future.

On student aid: Student aid is one of the leading providers of qualified education and tutoring services in Germany and Austria. For more than 30 years, she offers coaching students in all major subjects for all classes and types of schools. Qualified and motivated tutor individual care of each student and help him to permanently improve its services. This is also a recent scientific study by the University of Bayreuth. Currently promotes student aid to over 1,100 locations more than 70,000 students each year. As important private training providers keeps the students help a wide range ready, in addition to tuition, also test preparation, summer courses and vacation learning camps includes. She has accompanied hundreds of thousands of students with their targeted coaching on the way to a successful future. A quality management system 9001 is certified according to DIN EN ISO, is used to achieve a high level of quality and customer orientation. With success, because 94% of our customers are satisfied and would recommend the student help. All sites should be certified by 2009. For further information: on weekdays from 8: 00-20:00 under the toll-free service number 0800/19 4 18 00 or 24 hours a day at.

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