New Age

The shaman through its Faculty of entering in the world spiritual or subtle, will get to transform all the power or knowledge aquirido in the subtle plane, actions or therapies appropriate for the physical world. So such actions or therapies may consist in various activities such as: music, for percussion of drums, talismans, and development of certain artistic creations. The shaman is called to be, have to suffer death or a break with the previous, I so that after your self, you can perceive the call and start in rites or acquiring esoteric knowledge, which will lead you to your new State. It is not an easy task, neither should be confused with the New Age fashions, although the initiation and current learning has evolved with respect to other rites and ancient initiations. The shaman exists in various cultures, ancient and current, but by no means are different.

What the ancient shamans identified as symbols of power, through related animals to their cultures, also called Nagual, today is achieved through the vision of nature as an ecosystem where the spiritual and the force or vital energy maintain a balance and mutual interdependence. However, current Western society, often literally apply descriptions that listen to the respect of animal power or Nagual, as well as the descriptions on the journeys of the spirit, or the powers of the shaman, which can cause a prejudice or disdain, considering it a remnant of another era. Like this. the shaman, possess a set of faculties and knowledge acquired patiently through the experiences, both physical, of type extrasensory or esoteric. It should not be confused shamanism with any creed or religious practice, since the mode in which the shaman raises his spirituality, makes clear the difference existing with religious doctrine, which allows that it can serve as a support for one’s religion. This does not mean that be shaman behave the mysticism or Holiness, but it must be understood as a channel, or an intermediary, specializing in energy, both subtle and internal ducting, which strengthen the innate faculties in him. Despite all mentioned above, the Shaman can be defined as the doctor of the soul.

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