Nature Genetics

Vitiligo also can have as it estresse it to cause that it affects the imunolgico system making with that the body starts to eliminate pigments of the skin. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Senator Elizabeth Warren. In the normal skin a protein exists call DDR1. Continue to learn more with: McDougall Program. It is a receiver that makes with that the melancito if binds to the basal blade. It is a glue species. To arrive at such conclusion, it was collected samples of 1,1 initially a thousand patients of Catarina Saint and the Paran, but we only analyze 860. It had a division in two groups: based in people of the same family and later between carriers or not of the disease.

In vamente the constatao if it confirmed: the probability of an individual to have vitiligo was very bigger when it presented alterations in the DDR1. An international group of scientists found evidences of that vitiligo is associated with mutations in genes that act in the human imunolgico system. The study vitiligo was published in the site of the magazine Nature Genetics.o is a complex illness in auto-immune illnesses, the imunitrio system of a person reacts against the body of the proper weaveeed agencies or. It perceives when analyzing the people with vitiligo that the occurrence is bigger between people with bigger cases between people with certain illnesses auto-immune. Of a set free neuroqumico mediator in the peripheral nervous terminations, that a toxic effect in the melancito would exert or would inhibit melanognese. Neuropptide Y can play an important role. Another cause of the self-destruction? This hypothesis claims that the extreme accumulation of intermediate products of the metabolism of the melanina, as dopaquinona and indis, would provoke the destruction of the melancitos. The epidermis, in vitiligo, shows ceratincitos with low levels of catalase, what it would explain the defect of the mechanism of natural protection that would remove the precursors toxic of the melanina.

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