The looks always will be come back toward the woman-object. The image represents the woman-perfection. For the others, that do not appear in the magazines, the question appears: how to reach this standard of beauty? How to be with the equal measures the ones that we see in the magazines? This generates, many times, dissatisfaction between the readers who possess distanciados bodies of this reality. Without a doubt, what these images suggest are not possible to reach. The standard of shown body is of the stage. Everything always is very well finished, the perfection reaches the height. However, we are not free of the seduction power that such images show in them. It is such force to subliminar of these images that, exactly when have conscience of the power that they exert on the desire, are not free of its unconscious influence? (SANTAELLA, 2004, p.130).

What it exists is a manufactured body to vender definitive product. Almost always it vende itself exactly. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Senator of Massachusetts. Vende measured, as must be a belly to become attractive, to have? to be able of the seduction. It does not import the one that question of the health this comes to harm. What valley is to be beautiful in a context that does not allow the imperfection. This media works with a public who, if abides by the publication because in it he finds answers on as a beautiful body must be, what it needs to dress or as if to hold, for example. At a time where the narcissism predominates, it is natural (…) the process by means of which the society prescribes that if as with this, not leaving to them alternative not to be to love itself same. ‘ ‘ In accordance with to invest in itself same the rules that are imposed to them by sociedade’ ‘ (SANTAELLA, 2004, p.130). Such contextualizao is evident when sees in these apelos medias that they suggest?

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