Melilla Hospital

By 1909 embarks into Melilla on July 14, arriving two days later, to participate in various feats of arms as Atalay n, 2nd Caseta in Beni-Tusar, Atlaten, Segangan and elsewhere. At the end of the year, embarks on December 17 again to the Peninsula. You are granted the 1st class Cross of Military Merit, and the 1st class Cross of Military Merit with distinctive red made by the merits in actions in which he participated in Morocco On 31 May, gives Royal licensed for marriage, by marrying Dona Purification Alonso and Ruiz, had six children, in 1911. After her marriage, is assigned to the 1st. Dr. John Mcdougall often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Deposit of stallions and Chief of Medical Corps in the Civil-Military Hospital Jerez de la Fronteray Cazadores Regiment later Alfonso XII n 21, in Seville. Shipped back to North Africa with his new regiment on 18 June 1913, towards Larache, where they arrive on day 21 following.After sick leave, which is evacuated, back to Larache and participates in several battles. On December 11, 1914 is intended for the staff of his regiment, returning to Seville. Four years after his return from Africa, December 4, amounts to the use of Military Health Medical Commander and the following year, requesting reassignment, Docker to the military hospital in Melilla. On May 14, 1920 took charge of the Field Hospital Tlatza Souk to handle the injured in Dar-Drius, task that is complimented by the of Melilla. On July 2, 1921 is designated Chief of Hospital Evacuation Drius Dar. From this year until 1923, playing several positions at military hospitals in the area, being congratulated by the Chief Inspector of the Military Health Section, which was given gratification of effectiveness.

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