Medical War

The glory than with one who does not die. The third medical war during this period the Athenians and the Spartans founded the attic-Delica League in memory of the symmaquia, which would have as main objective to protect Athens and the Ionian colonies of Asia minor. This League would be totally controlled by Athens, thus taking the guidelines in all possible aspects, so that in this way becomes the largest village of Greece political, economic, social, cultural and militarily, surpassing the own Sparta. At this point Themistocles is poorly recognized by the Athenian people and is exiled, so he flees to the borders of the Achaemenid Empire, and there it gets under the command of the new Persian ruler, Artaxerxes I, next to their influences and bitter hatred that both felt by Greek culture, decides to move towards the Greek coasts to subdue it definitely under Persian rule. Cimon, son of MILTIADES, aware of the intentions of Artaxerxes I, advances to the current Turkey and defeated the Persian army at the battle of the Eurymedon River in 465 to.

C. After this great victory, Cimon decides that it must again enact friendship and peace with the Spartan people, but the Athenians do not consider that option in the same way and banish them by order of Ephialtes, whose mandate did not last long and was succeeded by Pericles, that dominated Athens during almost all the V century a. C. Pericles continuous war against Persia, which highlights two decisions he made, the first the request to Cimon his return from exile and the second, the signing of a Treaty of peace with Artaxerxes Iwhich accepts it, called peace of Cimon in 448 BC that it stipulates certain conditions for both peoples and that it is chaired by this, reason why was sent back into exile, although really demonstrated that it was chaired by Callias, since in the year of the Treaty, Cimon had already died, by what he thinks was performed in his honor and memory. The Persian wars come to an end by the conditions imposed by the Greeks the Persians, namely: obligation to the Persians of permanently desist in his conquest and expansion into Greece. Not return to navigate the Aegean Sea are allowed to trade with the Greek colonies in Asia minor. Original author and source of the article..

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