Medical Tourism

The Mexican official announced today the Government strategies to gain share in the market of medical tourism, a segment which by 2020 will leave the country income by 4. 050 billion dollars and up to 650. 000 visitors of this kind, according to estimates by the Ministry of tourism (Sectur). Medical tourism consists of traveling to another country for obtaining medical services and, during the time of stay, do some sightseeing, activity by which Mexico entered in 2009 a total of 122 million dollars according to Sectur projections, in 2010 Mexico will get $ 304 million by concept of medical tourism. The aim is that the residents in United States use medical services of Mexico, for which it is necessary to adapt the capabilities and medical infrastructure of the country to expected demand and removing obstacles to the development of this segment, explained the Minister. Mexican authorities have raised a two-phase strategy. The first It consists of a pilot program of five years that will focus on unsecured U.S. Hispanic population.

UU. and in some specific groups with private insurance who are looking for dentistry, ophthalmology and cosmetic surgery procedures. Orthopedics, heart and cancer in basic and intermediate level procedures will also be offered in this initial part. The second phase, also for five years, aims to position at Mexico as a destination for medical services advanced, aiming to attract the entire uninsured population, the one with general private us insurance. UU. that you look for more advanced and specialty procedures. The geographical proximity of Mexico with the United States, lower costs of health services and the ability to provide post services to the medical procedure at specialized recovery centers are some of the competitive advantages of the country, in the opinion of Elizondo.

For example, in 2007 a heart bypass it cost 130. 000 dollars in the United States. UU. and 28. 000 dollars in Mexico, according to Sectur. The strategy Mexican to win market share in medical tourism has taken into account success factors in countries such as India, Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia. Mexico States that to date have simultaneously developed his medical and tourist infrastructure with greater potential are Mexico City, Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, Jalisco, Baja California, Sonora and Colima, said the official. Mexico has more than 40 private hospitals with capacity to offer high quality services, of which eight have been approved by the Joint Comission International (JCI), the largest organization of certification of hospitals in the United States. Elizondo explained that it is key to achieve agreements between the companies of United States private insurance and hospitals and clinics in Mexico to receive reimbursement for services rendered. According to Sectur projections, in 2010 Mexico get 304 million dollars for medical tourism concept, but must reverse 1. 027 billion dollars in the sector to have a total of 165 hospitals with more than 50 beds in 2020. JUANJOSE FERNANDEZ SKIPE: JUANJOSEF57501 TEL: 617789220 SPAIN E-MAIL: JUANJOSE. COASTAL@GMAIL. COM. todopormifamilia. com/id/juanjose66 register Blogs related SHANE LAVALETTE / JOURNAL Lay Flat 02: Meta / Release Party and Optipess Archive goal Murderer MacKinando App Store iPhone iPod iTunes El the best emeequis United States denies that the Mexican institutions executed official of Xochimilco Lady Gaga and Beyonce inspired Mexican Mexican caves, candidates to list of UNESCO launched LPGA tour with eight golfers Mexican regulatory Board approved costs for schools magazine NTEK convergence 3Com meets its network strategy

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