Medical Equipment Products

surMedical is a platform for the listing and selection of equipment and medical supplies from different suppliers and manufacturers. One of the main objectives is to provide to the visitors the possibility to find, choose and compare, on a single web site, material and medical equipment you need to be able to develop their profession or activity with the greatest safety and comfort possible. ussion. surMedical does not sell medical products, is a catalog in which suppliers and manufacturers can advertise their products complea portfolio. Their main objectives in the face of their visitor are: providing a Web site which comprises the majority of suppliers in their market. Publish technical information to enable the user to a correct selection of the products and / or equipment. It offers a platform to request quote on-line of multiple products and vendors, thus facilitating the search and request for quotation.

Keep informed to the client with the launch of new products, technologies and special offers. Objective advice impartial when selecting equipment and medical equipment. Can who post their products in this new website? The publication of products this restricted to distributors, importers and manufacturers of medical equipment of any site. Below are some of the advantages obtained surMedical advertisers. It offers a new advertising channel.

Presentation of new customers. Simplification in the putting on-line of its products. Facilitates the publication of tenders by stock or by approaching expiration dates allowing a greater flow of sales. Provide total confidentiality and security in relation to the information of your company, adapting to the needs and interests of its advertisers.

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