Medical Certificates

All order documentation through us, is issued on the letterhead of the original and certified true seals and signatures of doctors ‘Because ———- the vast majority of students, and indeed common citizens who have no idea about the document management in public clinics, in this case, you can lie to whatever and however you want. Primitive and blatant lies easily passes for the truth. Below we describe some after reading the information and analysis that even the most gullible people make for themselves an unambiguous conclusion: put the sale of medical certificates (form 095 / y 027 / y) in the flow, ie in large quantities, via the Internet, spending their (Help) on all documents in the public clinic is almost impossible. Form 095 / y, or a certificate of temporary incapacity for students. These medical certificates issued by the clinic three Officials: nurses who work in such sick leave.

Doctor – the physician or a specialist. Head of Department, if he combines the post of director to work on the site. Thus only those persons may be at the hands of medical records form 095 / y. All data received by officials in advance medical certificates are numbered. Upon receipt, the numbers of inquiries are recorded in a special journal. Officer of a mandatory Order signs that he had received a certain number of references to such and such a number on such and such. Who has the right to write patients medical records 095 / in form: Diagnose temporary disability, and therefore write form 095 / a doctor can only (in remote and rural areas in some cases – the assistant).

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