Luis Felipe Opportunism

But this has its origin in the current anti-Marxism which Marxists were made but only to enter the heart of pata Marxism fight inside to destroy it. The ideas of the opportunists like all ideas, don’t fall from the sky but that reflect social practice in the opportunistic brain. Hence the opportunism is a social product, and as such unavoidable while there is the division of classes in society. The deepest mobile opportunism is in your interest to participate and obtain privileges to ribs of the added value generated by the workers. This interest has a definite stamp of class: is a bourgeois interest.

So, that opportunism has a defined social base: the small owner, the small bourgeoisie small bourgeoisie, bureaucracy, intelligentsia and also privileged workers or labor aristocracy as they dubbed it the classics. There is where Mr Nique lowered their flags when he launched hundreds of young people toward an adventure that the later disappeared leaving all hooked on an adventure that not it could hold, but that is little, the view in your iron of the directive of the colegio de abogados of lima to the defender of a genocidal as the lawyer Humberto Carranza Valdivieso and still in the human rights secretariatthe most insulting is see this genocidal was present at the ceremony of swearing in the balcony at the swearing more preferential than that of ambassadors. Then we hope that Mr Nique De la Puente; do the opposite of what did his uncle, the great Luis Felipe of the Puente Uceda. And it is that opportunism has undergone a metamorphosis – changes of shape – forced by objectives changes in the movement. Sometimes the opportunism has appeared with face end revolutionary, ignoring or bypassing the real motion conditions, forgetting the specific situation level of consciousness-of the labor movement, skipping stages of objective development of society and pose to the motion tasks, objectives and forms of struggle that does not correspond to the needs of the society or of the revolution.

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