Its Great To Give

She stood out from the crowd. Her smile is maddening. He jumped off stage and headed toward the crowd in order to come closer to her. And he was very close – the fans stretch out your hands to him, and she, dodging this set of hands, lowers his brown eyes and backed off earlier. He returned to the scene, realizing that it does not get it – she just enjoys the music, she – not his fan. The concert is over. It is useless to seek it in this crowd.

With whom it came? Where she gone? What’s her name? Oh, my God, this look brown eyes! This is not the eyes – it’s a deep black abyss, they can drown, and their brilliance captivates once and for all. Black, slightly above the shoulders hair, bangs falling down over his eyes, lips slightly parted in a smile – she is beautiful. How can I forget her? No, how to find it? Cars rush by the window, and he repeatedly asks himself these questions. “It does not happen! It does not happen! “- Insists his mind. A heart with the force of hitting the strings of the soul, says: “It happens! That is exactly what happens! “Sends shivers down your skin, the heart is ready to break out of his chest, on his temples dripping with sweat – he fights in a fever trying to figure out how and where to find it. 5 am. He again is sitting on the windowsill, this time he was armed with a laptop.

Open a text editor, it starts with the power to hit the keyboard. A couple of minutes, just a couple of minutes and that’s it – a new creation wizard, song and verse, love the master: Just briefly, a few hours, I saw thee, dear Virgo. But I much ready. Answer only to me: where are you dear? Losing my mind, not eating, not sleeping. Dreams only to you I return. Oh, God! I love you! I’m not lying and I do not doubt. Find you. Run away with you. Well, unless there is anything is possible. I’ll be yours and only yours. And you – my own. Not so difficult. 8 hours. He finally fell asleep, fell asleep with thoughts of her. He slept soundly, and even dreams do not disturb him. Waking up at noon, the first thing he looked out the window – star of a hot July sun. He dressed and went outside. He walked down the street and over again thinking about her. Suddenly, behind him he heard a voice: – Len, what do you ever fly in the clouds? Go down to the ground. Enough already. You Give all the Prince. Look around, how many normal guys. – You do not understand – I do not need Prince! I need it. He alone. And suppose he loves me and understands, let him read my thoughts, and let there always be there. Am I a great deal I want to? – Well, times are still one, so – too much. Capricious you. – And you – angry. He turned and saw her. Color skirt fluttering in the wind. Look brown eyes filled with tears of hurt and was sent far away. Black hair like a black glittering, as if breathing health. A couple of steps – and he is already looking into her eyes. – Lena, and I was looking for you – escaped from his lips. And they both stood in silence. The world around them ceased to exist.

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