Honey Properties

When This honey is derived from one particular plant has a distinctive flavor and aroma, while the blended honey can boast of their diversity, making it difficult to determine its origin. I'm sure many are familiar such a thing as "artificial honey, however, this honey has nothing to do with a natural, although it is considered food. Artificial honey is produced from sugary substances: sugar beet or cane sugar juice watermelon or melon. He does not have the enzymes and does not have the aroma, as natural honey. In appearance it is difficult to distinguish from natural, however, not be superfluous to know what all this honey does not crystallize. Of course, no medical value, this honey has not, but, nevertheless, regarded as a product of dietary properties and is used for making pastry. So how do you protect yourself from fraud? You can, for example, buy honey only from known and reliable suppliers.

However, this is not always a guarantee for the acquisition of a quality product. With absolute guarantee can be argued that you bought a real natural honey, made by the bees, just in case the acquisition of a honeycomb. If you decide to buy honey in the winter, you should know that at this time of natural honey should be already crystallized. Crystallization of honey is held in several stages. First, honey becomes cloudy, and at the bottom of the banks appear crystal-like flakes, which will eventually fill the entire space. Gradually, honey to heavy weight.

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