Home Lighting

Light, even lighter! The first and most obvious problem is the window – to let into the room in natural light. According to acting on the territory of Russia building codes in residential areas the minimum ratio of glazing and sex is 1 / 8 for front windows and 1 / 10 – for roof. In this "formula" involved only the translucent part of the design, so that the area of the finished window should not forget to subtract the frame, Imposts and similar "stuff". The illumination is strongly dependent on binding to the home locality (its orientation with respect to parts of the world, spreading the availability of nearby trees) and on the characteristics of a particular building. By "project" shading factors include balconies and terraces (or rather, the attendant of the roof overhang), dormer windows (because of their light is lost in the slopes), and so on. Most often, these features are overlooked in the "Mediterranean" homes – to reproduce typical hot climates, numerous sheds, the architect forgot to increase the area of glazing, because of what was built in the middle lane cottage is in perpetual twilight. By the way, according SanPin, in a residential area the sun must "attend" for 2-3 hours a day. Always in touch windows provide occupants at home in regular contact with the outside world. Outside the city, this aspect is particularly important: the ability to enjoy the scenery often is one of the arguments in favor of relocation "to nature." Of course, the more glass area, the better to admire the beauty, the benefit of modern heat-saving design gives green light to spread panoramic and "French" windows in the middle lane, and even in the north.

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