History Wars Medical Struggle

Men may get tired of eating, drinking and even make love; but not of war. Greek proverb Escasos made in history have been so decisive for the future of humanity as the three episodes of wars between Greece and Persia medical calls, both representatives rather than different illustrations, in contrary ways of feeling the world. The first, was mistress of individual liberties, artistic expressions and democracy; the second, supporter of tyranny, war and the Suppression of the will of men to a single power: that of the King of Kings. The final course of these battles, translucent glow Hellenic, allowed East and West developed in parallel almost up to our days. We see the development of these confrontations.

Toward the century V B.c., the largest and most powerful Empire in the world was Persian. Sumerians, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Assyrians, Medes, Semites, Phoenicians, Egyptians and even Hindus, lived under the rule of the so-called King of Kings, Darius the great, the heir to Empire that began in the territories of Asia minor, and which was lost in the depths of the India, beyond what seemed impossible. That enormous empire, had set his ambitions in the Greek colonies in Asia minor, important cities whose flourishing trade was the richest of the Aegean Sea. Once conquered, Darius in principle, behaved very tolerant with the Greeks. But trying to cut them their freedoms, it became very soon set them a series of trade barriers. Thus, he supported the Phoenician trade to the detriment of their own and closed all contact with Egyptian markets, Black Sea, and rica Sybaris, vital city for its trade in tissues. Commercial coercion immediately generated hellene resentment. But so far from their brethren in Continental Greece, was little help they could expect. However, the ambitious tyrant of Miletus, Aristagoras, took this commotion to mobilize the Ionian cities against the Persian Empire, in the year 499 BC the Athenians responded by sending some ships and men while Sparta, the other great Greek State, having no possessions or interests in those areas, simply declined.

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