Health Conditions

But how do you play here those particular factors of fetal life? That life was fed with certain health conditions, emotional, psychological and others impacted during the months of pregnancy. That is also given before birth but not by genetic inheritance but by the peculiar circumstances of the environment (nurture). This means that affected the nature nurture. This shows that the Constitution is far more than inherited biologically, the boundaries between nature and nurture are not sharp. The "nurture" refers to stimuli provided by the environment and are permanently molded to the people. Contact information is here: Dr. Peter M. Wayne. Their presence is needed to display some items require a given period of maturation and action of other human beings to develop.

For example, the possibility of developing a language depends on certain physical conditions (organs of hearing and speaking) but earlier onset or late, right or wrong depends on the stimulation that the child is receiving from people around him, of their health, their emotions, among other factors. That is, the environment (nurture) help develop a potential inherited (nature). Is apparently very difficult to distinguish between biological inheritance and cultural heritage. Sex is a constitutional and genetic element (woman or man made), the development of the chest may be higher or lower depending on diet and physical exercises, it is part of the Constitution but is conditioned by the environment. Temperament: They are basic affective features and more persistent. When we observe someone's behavior: for example: Sebastian invites a girl out, do it in a particular way, with a special style that shows his temperament is bold or shy, confident, aggressive.

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