German Press Association

The new gastro tip on Laura – your link between press and gastronomy exclusive gastro – database for the press – after the launch of Laura is not broken off the rush. Thousands of restaurateurs from all provinces on have registered within a short time. The registered user numbers from the editorial area grow daily. Hundreds of users visit the Laura daily and use the free and exclusive advantages of our platform between press and gastronomy. Now Laura offers an additional presentation opportunity for catering. For only 9,-euros per month can each restaurateur enter its data into an advanced database, which will be presented not only on the home page in the Exchange with other restaurateurs, but is also linked to its landscaped user profile.

Editors and editors will find access to the hospitality industry through this tool faster and is nothing in the way hotels and an editorial report! The primary objective of a cost-effective PR is so easy and convenient possible. LAURA- (Member of the German Press Association / DPV) is a free link between press and gastronomy. Who wanted to publish his news, needed so far a good press mailing list and possible relations with the editors. The PR for restaurateurs has become much easier thanks to the Internet and Web 2.0: the news will be published in the press portal and the editors can access freely on it. To help the gastro messages not between loud sports, politics – or Boulevard messages go down, the Laura was founded. Here you will find the latest press releases from the area hotel, discos, bars, lounge, restaurant and scene, as well as industry news. Thousands of registered users agree with the Laura. Enjoy our benefits!

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