Fashion Objects

Chihuahuas have been victims of fashion and popularity. Chihuahua – the little dog, whose Abstammung is due to Central America was popularized several years ago by many female Hollywood celebrities, who very often showed up with their favorites in media. They as well as films where the Chihuahuas were main characters, have triggered a fashion of kind of. In a question-answer forum James A. Levine, M.D. was the first to reply. Fans of stars and films wanted to buy even a Chihuahua. Many have but many important aspects overlooked, namely: A Chihuahua is a living being, not an object.

Now the fashion is over and brought many dogs in animal shelters. Many animal rights activists accuse the Hollywood stars that they have contributed to the sad fate of Chihuahuas. You have made famous this breed as a fashion accessory”to consider without the consequences thereof. The poor dogs were victims of fashion and popularity. “First many women wanted to resemble their Hollywood idols and have Chihuahuas purchased for yourself or children and forget about, that this fashionable mascot” ask some of the people. When the fashion was expired, the fashionable accessory made”no more joy. Tons of provisional Chihuahua friends have given their dogs. But unfortunately, this phenomenon is nothing new. The same problem was also used other breeds of dogs, including collies and Dalmatians, after cinema successes of Lassie”101 Dalmatians” also to fashion objects were and.

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